ABC 20/20 and The Today Show Put the Call Out

Yesterday, Elizabeth Vargas from ABC‘s 20/20 revealed what a big fan she is of Fifty Shades of Grey and tweeted her suggestions of who to cast in the title roles.

Elizabeth VargasElizabeth Vargas@EVargasABC

@AstraOnTheAir @ABC2020 I think Henry Cavill would be great as Christian… and Shailene Woodley as Ana! What does everyone think?
She announced she was in London to interview Ms. James. Parts of the interview will air next week on both GOOD MORNING AMERICA on 4/17 and 20/20 4/20.
Later in the afternoon, ABC News and Ms. Vargas put the call out that they are looking for married women and their husbands who are fans of the book from the NYC area to appear on 20/20.

If you would like to be part of this opportunity to speak about your love for Fifty Shades of Grey, click here to go to the link on

Follow them on twitter: @EVargasABC @ABC2020

While The Today Show has already discussed the books, they plan to revisit the topic! (If you missed the segment, you can watch it here.) They are putting a call out to the Boston area for a discussion to be held this evening. You can click here to sign up to participate.

7 thoughts on “ABC 20/20 and The Today Show Put the Call Out

  1. I think she will do the interview justice. I hope that they will show the book series is more than just “porn” or “mommy porn”. We read for the story that’s there too. I mean of course the smut doesn’t hurt. I think the spectrum of people reading would surprise most considering most articles are billing it to be “mom’s” reading the books. I can’t wait to see how this interview turns out.

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