18 thoughts on “Book Rights

  1. It’s gotta be Mara Rooney as Ana Steele and Henry Cavill as Christian Grey. It’s a perfect match. Please consider!

  2. you people are nuts Ian somerhalder is perfect but Tyler Hoechlin (from teen wolf, his acting screams christian alot more than his pictures on Google) is a good second for Christian Grey as for Ana kristian would be an awful choice but other than that i dont really know

  3. I really think two unknowns should go for these roles….but if Ian Somerhalder were to get it I’m sure I’d be able to cope! ;))

  4. Chris Hemsworth is perfect, he has the height, the hair, the eyes, OMG!!!!
    For Ana, anyone but not Kristen Stewart. She would not do the roll justice.

  5. While reading the novels, I imagined Christian Grey in the form of Ian Somerhalder. He is perfect for the film adaptation. I don’t know about Anastasia Steele, I imagined her as Nina Dobrev but it was only because I’m used to Ian being with Nina in The Vampire Diaries. Although I hope she doesn’t get the part, I would picture them as Damon and Elena and I don’t want that. I wish Ian Somerhalder would get the part. If he does it would be the happiest year of my life and I would scream for joy! IAN SOMERHALDER AS CHRISTIAN GTEY!

  6. Def Ian Somerholder has Christian Grey! He has the look and drive to play the part to the T. People have to remember Christian is only 27-28 in the book, so an 40-50 yr old actor should not be playing his part nor should a 18-19 yr old. The person needs to be able to look and speak the part. He is ONE of the MOST important ppl in the book. It would be VERY disappointing if they did not cast a good Mr. Grey.

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