As fans of the story from its humble beginnings, this site’s goal is to respectfully support the author, E L James, and follow her journey from print to screen by sharing a montage of author and movie news, fanart, etc.

We are #FiftyShadesofNeutral and have complete faith that she will make the right decisions regarding the movie adaptations of the Fifty Shades trilogy . . . for herself, her fans, and for the heroes of this epic love story, Christian and Ana.

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  1. Hi,
    My name is Christina Garibaldi with MTV News and we are working on a news piece about who should play Christian and Anna in the upcoming 50 Shades film. We are reaching out to fansites to get their perspective of who would be perfect in these roles and we would love if someone from your website would be able to weigh in. Please let me know if you are interested and we can work out the details.

    • Andrew Garfield would make the perfect Christian Grey. He’s tall, young, well spoken and sexy as hell. He has proven that he can bulk up (Spiderman) and he has a refined, polished look about him.
      For Ana, she has to be very youthful and innocent looking. I forget her name, but the girl who played the oldest daughter in “The Decendants” would be great. She’s beautiful in a very natural way. In the book, Ana hardly wears make up and is only 21 in the first of the trilogy.
      Neither one of them is super famous and all over the place and I think that’s important. Everyone has their own picture in their heads of what the characters look like. Super celebrities would ruin it!
      I vote NO on Rob & Kristen! Also NO to anyone over the age if 30! Christian & ana’s youth is such a huge part of the book and their journey together.
      Obviously, I’ve given this a lot of thought.

    • robert pattinson. while reading all three books, i just pictured him. i think he has the look, and can expand in his movies, so he’s not just known for twilight. i would love for him to play christian grey.

    • I’m sorry but no other than Colin Egglesfield should play Christian,
      & Felicity Jones or Emma Rossum for Anastasia Steele.
      oh & Ellen Barkin for Mrs Robinson.

    • I don’t know who in specific…I want a knew actor to get obsessed about. BUT HE HAS TO HAVE THE RIGHT HAIR, OKAY?!

    • Being 18 i instantly think of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to play the roles of Ana and Christian! But after looking around on the internet and I honestly think the Alex Pettyfer would be a great Christian or Channing Tatum or Henry Cavill, yummy! Although Channing Tatum would be wonderful as Elliot, could even deal with Tom Hardy! And Taylor Launter as Jose! For Ana I can see Ashley Greene doing a great job at it! Or Mila Kunis they are both gorgeous! or even Michelle Tratchenberg! For Mrs. Robinson i saw Charlize Theron! and for Kate i saw Emma Stone because she is just amazing! and for the lovely Taylor I would say…Chris Pine maybe? or Tom Hardy? Cant quite decide on the other characters!

      Please look into this!

      • You have to be a Twihard in order to picture Anastasia as Kristen Stewart. She’s nothing like her, plus KStew can’t act.

    • I would love to see Alexander Skarsgård play Christian. He would be exactly how I have Christian visioned in my mind. He is sexy and dominating in True Blood so its a no brainer!!

    • Tom Hardy, Ryan Gossling, and Cam Gigandet as Christian Grey!!! Keep in mind ladies..Christian Grey is a beautiful man NOT a pretty boy spring chicken!

    • Hi ,I think Christian bale would make a great Christian grey,he’s tall dark and handsome and he plays dark moody sexy characters so well and he has that intimidating presence too.im thinking American physcho .as for ana Steele I’d say Kristen Stewart but she’s so closely linked already having been in twilight and its links to fifty shades already shame though she’s raven haired and would make a good innocent sulky pure ana.maybe an unknown up coming actress .

    • I think Shailene Woodley should be Ana, and Andrew Garfield should be Christian. Perfect two ever ! Also Andrew looks amazing in a suit, so I think he could pull of being billionaire Christian. And shailene should be Ana because she is flawless. It doesn’t matter if Andrew doesn’t have grey eyes or not, he’d still make a perfect Christian. Both of them arn’t as nearly reconigzed as well as Angelina Jolie or Justin Bieber or any other famous you can think of at the top of your head. This would be amazing for both of their careers. Who stars in this movie definitely will be the outbreak of their career and it should be them. Not someone who is already well known because this is new and this role belongs to some fresh faces such as themselves! America needs them. And the world!


      (I will be in heaven if this comes true.)

      Thank You. :D

  2. Rob should play Christian because if you are aware of him at all you will know it was written with him in mind and I think someone unknown or lilly Collins would make a nice Anna

  3. I highly recommend using the song GO, by Delilah for the soundtrack. She’s an artist out of the UK, touring with Prince. Her song, GO, speaks about love being cruel, and being tied in chains…when I heard the song the first thing I thought about was the book, Fifty Shades of Grey.

  4. I think Ellen Page would make a fantastic Ana and could really do something with the character on screen. New talent needs to be found for Christian because everyone mentioned bores me to tears. This could be the break out role of a lifetime for the right guy. Here’s my pick for Elena Lincoln that NO ONE has recommended anywhere…Milla Jovovich (ou imagine her in a platinum wig? and she has an intesity that lights up the screen. All the other actress mentioned are too old (50s and 60s) and she’s supposed to be late 30s early 40s (so is Grace). Alexis Bledel is my recommendation for crazy Leila.

  5. I don’t know why, but as I was reading the books I could not stop picturing Scott Disick for the role of Christian. I know he is not an actor, but I just pictured him for some odd reason. And I am the biggest Gilmore Girls fan so Alexis Bledel is my choice for Ana

    • OMG…I thought I was crazy too. I pictured Scott as Christian Grey the whole time. Who knows maybe he’s got some acting chops we havent seen. Alexis Bledel for sure as Ana.

  6. When will the movies be made, does anyone have any idea? In my opinion, Alexander Skarsgaard is the perfect Mr. Grey. He is tall, very handsome, and mysterious just like him. As for Anastasia, I think an unknown actress would be best.

  7. I think Alexander Skarsgard would be perfect to play Christen Gray because he’s tall and has the sexy mysteries look to him. He would be amazing at that role plus he can play a great sex scene!

  8. I feel Ian Somerhalder, or Matt Bomer, for Christian Grey.
    For Ana, Maybe Kristen Stewart, or Amanda Seyfried…I’m unsure….
    Kate: Emma Stone, or Bryce-Dallas Howard
    Mrs.Robinson: Helen Mirren

  9. Do the people here even read character descriptions? Robert Pattinson and Ian Somerholder would be AWFUL Christian Greys, just awful! For a start Christian has curly, copper hair and steel grey eyes… neither of which those actors have! Bugs me that people try to cast people from things that are big at the moment! Twilight is rubbish and although it started out as Twilight Fanfiction, the characters are so far removed from Bella and Edward that they’re barely recognisable!

    Personally i think someone like Tom Hiddleston would be a perfect Mr. Grey… he has curly coppery hair, grey eyes, he’s tall and has the same build, outstandingly beautiful… not to mention he’s a great actor which is important for this role! He’s all i could picture when reading it!

    As for Ana, she’s a little more difficult to cast. Obviously every woman who reads this book pictures themselves in this role, as did i. So obviously i’d say me ;) But not Kristen Stewart, Selena Gomez or Ashley Jenson… they all look WRONG! Jennifer Lawrence would be a good bet as would Amanda Seyfried (though i find her really irritating)

    Taylor i imagine to be Clark Gregg (Agent Coulson from the Avengers and Thor and the like) I can’t think of anyone else for this role! It NEEDS to be him!

    Elena should be Charlize Theron or Sharon Stone… she’s supposed to be older than Christian and blonde and beautiful, absolutely beautiful. So either of those two would be perfect.

    If Amanda Seyfried doesn’t have the role of Ana, she’d be a good Kate i think or maybe Ashley Jenson would fit better here. Maybe even Evan Rachel Wood

    Elliot i imagine to be someone like Bradley Cooper or maybe Ian Somerholder would fit in better here… i just don’t see either of those as Christian Grey.

    Mia i imagine someone like Mila Kunis or Lucy Hale

    Ethan could be Chris Hemsworth… he has that blonde, tanned look… Chris Hemsworth would be a BAD Christian Grey

    Grace i imagine someone like Meryl Streep or Susan Saville… they both look right

    Carrick…. well Stellan Skarsgaard comes to mind…

    James Franco would be a good Jose :)

    Jimmy Smits would be a good Jose senior

    I haven’t really thought about Ray… but Michael Keaton would be good i guess.. i mean he has to look Ex-Army so yeah, he wouldn’t be too bad

    Mary Steenburgen or Madelaine Stowe would be good as Carla, Ana’s mother

    Dr. Flynn…. he’s supposed to be young… not much older than Christian i imagine… so someone like Colin Firth or Hugh Laurie could be good here… maybe even Clive Owen

    Kristin Scott Thomas (providing she can do an American accent) or Diane Lane would be good Mrs. Jones’ I know she’s supposed to be older than Taylor :) Someone said somewhere Helen Mirren would be good here, but i didn’t think Mrs. Jones was British

    Personally i’d rather they cast all Unknowns in this film… it would be far better! And far better if it was a TV series and not a movie!

      • that man as Christian Grey would just leave out so much in the looks dept. , from my read, this man doesn’t have an ugly bone in his beautiful body. nice thoughts about Jennifer Lawrence though. I just kind of picture Sharon Stone as Mrs Robinson,

  10. you guys READ the book again and look at the description of Christian.TALL,attractive,well dressed,good physical appearance.Steven Gantt has to be a front runner with all the right attributes.This movie needs a newcomer not some hollywood ‘star’

  11. I think we need new faces so nates on Pattison and Stewart this is a new series we need new faces. Also Christian is supposed to be older than Ana so they need to look different in age. Which Pattison and Stewart look the same age! I think Skarsgaard for Christian he is so tough strong but also sensitive and seems could have that tortured soul! Ana is supposed to a young good looking innocent girl with dark hair and blue eyes Bledel would be perfect!

  12. I’ve only read the first book and could definitely picture Ian Somerhalder as Christian. But as for the movie, considering that Christian is 27 and Somerhalder is 34, by the time the movie is made, Somerhalder would be what? 35? 36? Do the rest of the book portray Christian in his mid 30’s or 40’s?

  13. MATT BOMER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ian Somerhalder is ew, christan bale, too old. and all the other people you people mentioned up there dont even come close to the way the auther described him.

  14. and btw. CHRIS HEMSWORTH, has blue eyes, not grey, doesnt have a jaw line, doesnt have that nice charcol hair grey has, and hes not fit any way or the other!!

  15. Matt Bomer as Christian Grey for sure!!! Nina Dobrev for Anastasia. The actors for Christian and Ana can’t look older than their characters are.

  16. Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan would make the perfect Christian and Anastasia and there married so thats gotta help !

  17. Gale Harold will be the perfect Christian Grey. We all know what he is capable of doing with the role. It would be fantastic to see him do such a role again, long after Queer as Folk.

  18. Henry Cavill is the perfect Christian Grey. Followed by Ryan Gosling as a close second. Andrew Garfield is no where near hot enough to play Mr. Grey.

  19. Christian needs intensity, depth, complexity, smoldering sexuality, a sense of highly contained power, inner darkness, and mercurial changes of mood. The only actor who can adequately embody this range and depth that I know of is the Brit actor starring in “Sherlock”…. BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH.. All the American actors I’ve read mentioned here lack sufficient breadth of skills. Plus, he’s got the eyes, and the hair. He is already in the same class as Meryl Streep and Anthony Hopkins in terms of embodying the nuances of each character he portrays. He is newer to Americans, but already well-known and loved by many Brits.

  20. I am not for sure of who should play the roles of these characters. I just know that I can’t wait until the production is finished and I can watch the movie. After reading the books, I sure hope they don’t leave any of the important things out. I understand that they may not beable to incorporate all the eplicit scenes, but some of them aren’t so bad. Eagerly waiting for MORE!!

    • Kate could be BLAKE LIVELY
      Mia could be Mila Kurnis
      Grace could be Kelly Rowan or Kelly Rutherford they are both awsome
      Mr. Robinson could be Kim Cattral
      Ethan could be Liam Hemsworth
      Elliot coul be

  21. I really think Robert Pattinson, Matt Bomer, or Ian Harding especially would be great . Christian in the book is 27 turning 28, so he needs to look much older than Ana, but still have a youthful quality to him. Ana, I believe, should be Shailene Woodley or Ashley Benson ! My picks for best are Ian Harding and Shailene Woodley

  22. Alexis Bledel as Ana ..she has the perfect girl next door innocent look for the role and Matt Bomber or Alexander Skarsgard as Christian!!

  23. Definately Scott Disick as Christian Grey!!! OR the guy from Vampire Diaries–Ian Somerhalder??
    Both have amazing eyes!
    As for Anastasia Steele I think it should be a NEW girl, not known to the public- a fresh new face! :)

  24. I definitely think Andrew Garfield should be Christian Grey . Not Ryan gosling because hes too expected. And yes, erin is correct anyone too over 30 should not be it. #AndrewGarfield

  25. Christian Grey can be played only by Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer. No one else can fit in the role. Personally I don’t want a … shining vampire to play a powerful man like Christian. I say that maybe because I’m an anti Twilight fan. Anyway, only these two cuties. And for Ana – Alexis Bledel!! She is awesome and is the perfect one for that role. If not her Lucy Hale!!
    While I was reading and re-re-re-re-re-re-re ….. -re-reading the three books I was seeing only Matt and Alexis!

  26. When I read the books I only saw Alexis and Matt as the caracters of this awesome story of love their personalty match and they will make the book more real ,,they are my more for the movie I Needed you to please please write the next book from Christians point of view I know everyone that’s read your books are fans and waiting for the next book continuing the story were it left of and wants more of their life after the baby

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    • As a whole, the movie has been slow on revealing the details.

      A Carrick has been named, Andrew Airlie. :)

      Mrs. Robinson doesn’t need to appear until the next movie, though that doesn’t mean an actress has yet to be cast in the role.

      And as for Ethan, we are still unsure if his book character did not make it into the script OR if they have just yet to announce who will play him.

      FSoG Movie Fansite

  28. Hello!

    This is Eunice Cheng, writing on behalf of Sound World, located in Taipei, Taiwan. We are the publishing company that published the Chinese version of Fifty Shades of Grey audiobook series. Since we will be releasing our audiobooks on Audible.com, Amazon, and iTune soon(first Chinese audiobooks on modern fiction, even more so for erotica!), we would love to advertise our products on as many platforms as possible.

    We are wondering if there’s any opportunity that your site and our company could collaborate on any marketing campaign together. Of course, we can supply our audiobooks for your channel for marketing purposes.

    My email is: eunice@sw2008.com.tw

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  29. Hello everyone!

    I’m a big fan of the book series and super excited to see the movie tonight!

    As such, I created a mash-up cover song and video called “Love Me Like You Do / S&M,” in which I tried to homage the tone and imagery of the movie seen in the trailer {since I haven’t seen it yet ;)}. Please check it out at the link below and let me know what you think!

    Thank you and Enjoy!

  30. Hi there! My name is Jaimee and I work at Vision Films in Los Angeles, CA. I am writing to you today to let you know about one of our films called “Fifty Shades Uncovered.” I love the website you run and thought it might be fun to write a piece about it there!

    Here is a brief synopsis: “As the Fifty Shades craze continues to smash sales records and break taboos, this documentary features exclusive interviews with historians, authors, psychologists, dominatrixes, playmates and celebrities.”

    TRAILER: http://visionfilms.net/Details.aspx?id=d1e50088-0660-e411-9d0b-d4ae527c3b65

    If you are interested in seeing more, please write back and I can provide you with a link to a private screening and links for you to provide your readers as to where they may watch it on demand across the web.


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