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  1. I think you should consider Cam Gigandet for the role of Christian…he has the looks and has great acting abilities as well…he could def rock the Dom!

  2. Keep up the great work. I became hooked on 50 shades over this weekend and now am on the last book!! I was thinking what a phenomenal script and movie this would be!! OK off to begin reading 50 shades freed!

  3. As great as it is to have a movie in the works, I would of loved to have a HBO series. That way we could enjoy it longer, and the story could be told. Anyone else think this? Will a movie be able to do it justice?

    • That is a fantastic idea! Just as I do not want the books to end, I would not think an hour and 45 minutes would do it justice!

    • That is a great Idea! I actually emailed E.L. James about a month ago about doing 50 Shades of Grey mini series on HBO or Showtime. I don’t think a movie can do it justice. But seeing it every week for about 5 years or so would be awesome then I told her she can sell the dvd for each series. I really wish they would reconsider. And also, I hope they pic actors that are new because these characters are so intense that I don’t know how I feel about an actor or actress that I have seen already in different roles. All I know is I envision Christian Grey just breath taking and Ana plain but beautiful :)

      • I would absolutely LOVE to see Christian played by Alexander Skarsgard. And from what I’ve read, he would too. If you’ve seen True Blood you can see why. He’s just about perfect for the role.

      • I disagree on Alexander Skarsgard. He is just not the Christian I picture in my head. Love True Blood though!! Maybe Chris Hemsworth???

      • that is exactly the same thing i was thinking. A movie would not do the story justice, there is so much passion and story behind it that a 2-3 hour film is not enough. also, i can see the ratings being hire than the superbowl:) But since the contract is already set. its time for us fans to focus on WHO is going to be anastasia and christian. Getting fresh faces for this film i believe is the best thing E L James can do. please fans, leave twilight actors out of it. If she picks people to play in this movie that NO ONE has seen act, EVERYONE would not be able to wait to get into the movie theater. yes we do know actors that can rise up to the challenge but if someone we had never seen in a movie before play Christian and anastasia, etc. we would all feel how Christian felt about anastasia becoming a his new sub.=)

      • Only Ana thinks she is plain…it’s like she is CG’s equal through her own self-doubt…She can’t be too plain the way she appeals to most men. Even when she compared herself to Leila, she admitted that she found Leila very attractive.

    • Yes, I agree. As much as I would love the fact that they’re making it into a movie, I really just don’t know how they’re going to pull it off under a rated “R”. If it were an HBO or Showtime series, I could at least enjoy it in my own home instead of blushing like crazy in a movie theater. Plus they can make it truer to the book on HBO where as they would probably have to sensor it to keep it rated R in theaters. Love the idea!

      • I think 3 movies would be GREAT!!! They were able to pull off quite a few racey scenes in 9 1/2 weeks without being ….too raunchy for film!!! Getting the right director and they could pull it offf : )

    • I’m in the UK and we don’t get HBO apart from on Sky and I don’t have Sky…. I’d much rather have a movie lol!! However, I think you may be right – a bit like Homeland, you need to get into it and start to love the characters and you can’t really do that in 90 minutes…. hmmmm

      • Yes he is gay. He would have been perfect. But unfortunately there is no one perfect enough to play Christian.

    • Totally agree, natelie Portman’s acting talents cud make the movies amazing & blockbuster worthy. Ian somerhalder great pick for mr. grey.

      • I totally agree: Natalie Portman can act, she can play innocent Ana and also we she becomes… as seen in Black Swan or Closer; she could make the movie work. And I’ve always seen Ian Somerhalder as Mr Grey.

      • I was thinking of Emilia Clarke but Natelie Portman is a good call. I think Ian Somerhalder is perfect!! I am thinking Amanda Seyfried for Kate??

    • I can totally see Ian Somerhalder playing Mr. Grey. As I read all I picture is Ian. He would be perfect, especially given his role on the Vampire Diaries, which is VERY relatable to Mr.Grey.

      • The more interviews with Ian Somerhalder I see, the more I think he is the perfect Christian…

      • Im the same way!! As I read that’s who I picture. He does amazing in Vampire Diaries. He does amazing as the guy who has troubles expressing his feelings towards the girl that he loves. He is MY Christian Grey in my eyes!

      • Yes I’m with u I an would totally pull him off so sexy . Kate as Blake lively …Mrs Robinson as Kim Cantrellim at a lost for Ana Steele

  4. I’d love to see Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill in the role of Christian Grey not an ex sparkling vampire. Sorry Twilight fans but this is not a teen saga it’s something far more mature and serious.

    • As are the characters who played in the Twilight Saga! They’re all in their mid to late 20’s. People need to get used to and accept that this book was written by a Twilight super fan and the characters are based on her version of Twilight! Twilight is not a “teen saga”! Most fans are in their 30’s+!!! Please don’t categorize who likes what in fairness. I am a HUGE Twilight fan..and I don’t want to see them in this movie b/c it’s too close to the Twilight saga. I personally think it should be relatively newcomers or unknowns..b/c no one famous will live up to the characters as much as we fantasize about who will play who. Just sayin’….

      • I agree with Henry Cavill or Matt Bomer….Keep the Twilight characters for Twilight …Jessica Stroup for Ana ….Perfect x

  5. Definitely consider Ian Somerhalder as Christian. He’s who I think of when I read the book. Also probably left field but I’m picturing Alexis Bledel as Ana. She’s so sweet and innocent looking with those big blue eyes.

  6. Please don’t cast Robert Pattinson! FSoG needs its own identity not the Twilight cast. I just got hooked on the books this weekend! I hope they can do it justice in a 2 hour movie….I like the idea of an HBO mini series

  7. Ian Somerhalder has the most memorizing eyes…. and that perfect half grin that never reaches his eyes that the book constantly talks about. I think he would play the role perfect. Rober Pattinson? Really? Oh please, terrible! Enough with the twilight kids.

  8. The Perfect Cast… (And I’ve really thought way too much about this!)
    Christian- Matt Bomber
    Anastasia- Minka Kelly
    Taylor- James Denton
    Crack Whore – Leighton Meester
    Elliot- Kellen Lutz
    Kate- Amanda Seyfried
    Jose- Jay Hernandez
    Mrs. Robinson- Ellen Barkin
    Mia- Lucy Hale
    Ethan- Ian Harding
    Jack Hyde- Collin Ferrell
    Carrick- Henry Czerny
    Grace-Kate Capshaw

    • You do realize that Jack Hyde has red hair..balding..with a slight pony tail..not thinking Collin F a good choice unless they have an amazing make up artist…Ellen Barkin too old for Elena…Kellen Lutz already played “the brother” role in Twilight….Henry Czerny too young to play Christians dad….

    • I’m totally on board with Kellan Lutz as Elliot. That big guy who loves scooping Ana up into bear hugs seems to fit him well. I like Jay Hernandez for Jose. I visualize Kim Cattrall as Elena… she seems like she’d be a perfect Mrs. Robinson :)

      • I totally agree with Lucy Hale as Mia, I was picturing her even without knowing it. I also agree with Ellen Barkin as Ms. Robertson, I thought that Kim Cattrall would be good, but now that you say Ellen Barkin I see that all so much better.

  9. Christian Grey – Matt Bomer
    Anastasia Steele – Lily Collins
    Elliott Grey – Armie Hammer
    Kate Kavanaugh – Blake Lively
    Elena Lincoln – Jennifer Aniston

  10. Ian Somerhalder is the ONLY Christian. He has the most piercing stare that looks right through you, the perfect smirk, his lips curl into a devilish smile and the right demeanor. I can’t picture anyone else to play the part

    • I have to agree. I am a HUGE fan of Vampire Diaries, and his character “Damon” reminds me so much of Christian. My only concern is the height issue. Ian is only like 5’10… But you know, the magic of Hollywood can work wonders ;)

      • That’s the problem…in reality he would be perfect but then it would damage his VD role..they’re too close of characters.

      • yes!!!! def christian should be played by Ian Somerhalder!! ever since reading the books and then watch VD i see him as Christian. and his love for elena i picture as his love for Ana. I don’t think it would ruin his image for VD at ALL!! he plays a bad boy on show, its not like he’s the innocent, image to protect role on VD. so he’s sooo safe!! he must take it and best yet he wants the role from all interviews he’s done so far. he’s expressed his interest. ya he may be 2″ short or whatever but like you said hollywood can make that work in their favor. besides he looks taller than he is anyways. Luv Luv Ian for this role. His eyes and mannerizm (can’t think of another word) lol but all SCREAMMMMM Christian Grey!!

  11. I think Ian Somerhalder, definitely to play Christian and I think his Ana should be his Vampire co-star and real life girlfriend Nina Dobrev!

  12. Dont get me wrong, I love Twilight and it was a great escpape for me but I do NOT see Rob Pat as Christian or Kristen as Ana. I just can’t. I would love Ian from Vampire Diaries and just not sure about Ana. Thanks Ms. James for 2 weeks escape for this 41 year old Mom. Please write #4!

    • THANK U THANK U ME EITHER!! I luv’d at first thinking of edward and kristen as these characters to ocntinue the romance. but minute i read it i was like oh helll no he doesn’t fufill me the way Ian Somehalder would!! and i was a die hard edward fan, still even, but not for the Mr. Grey role!! Ian is a definate for me.

    • I so agree!!! This movie first of all should be an HBO series not a movie, rated R will not do!!! Keep the teen stars out of it!!! This should be for adults, tired of the teen movies. True Blood is on HBO and I love it they need to do that with FIFTY Shades!!!

  13. I would love to be considered for the role on Anastasia Steele. I am not an actress but did do one act in high school. I have always wanted to be an actress but life had other plans. This book was amazing and I would love the opportunity to try for the role.

  14. Ian Somerhalder and Alexis Blede would be amazing. Their features really fit the part! Especially with Alexis’s giant blue eyes!

    • He’s Blonde…???? Am I the only one actually READING the book? put your faves to the side…if that were the case we could ask to cast our spouses/boyfriends…CG is dark haired with copper highlights…at least come close and be in the ballpark of the descriptions

  15. First of all, I love all three books and I think you guys should think of Adam Senn. Christian has to have that sexy stare and a killer body and I think Adam has the whole package. Plus he has to be able to dance well.

  16. I agree as well! When I looked up a picture, I could’nt believe it thats exactly what I pictured her to look like!

  17. Colin egglesfield would make an amazing Christian. And Amanda seyfeld for Ana. I hope they cast the right look and actor. They both need to be great actors.

  18. Josh Duhmal should play Christian, change the eye color and he is pure hotness, just as christian is in the book:)

  19. Lets please not ruin this movie by casting terrible actors. While Ian Somerhalder is easy on the eyes, he is an awful actor, lets be honest. Sadly, I don’t think actors with substance will take on these rolls because they don’t want that following. Henry Cavill is already Superman, and Michael Fassbender, while I find him slightly too old for this role, has done the Shame thing already. Girl With the Dragon Tattoo was cast very well and was true and honest to the books. FSoG will most likely end up like the Twilight movies, though I’d hope not. Sorry to say.

    • I totally agree… Nothing worse than casting a pretty face and ruining the wonderful story with Godawful acting… Henry Cavill would be my pick for Christian, and Alison Brie for Ana. Very little chance of that combination though… But it’s a nice fantasy… As long as we DON’T end up with Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart – what a ridiculous notion!!! They weren’t even convincingly good as Edward and Bella!!!

    • I agree, Ian is goodlooking but I wouldnt pay 10 bucks to see him on the big screen, especially when I can watch his awful acting on the Vampire Diaries for free. Henry would be absolutely PERFECT! I think women from all age groups would fall in love with him. But like you said…with the direction that Henry’s career has taken this would be a huge set back for him. Unless they make an amazing script I highly doubt his agent will talk him into taking this role. Which is unfortunate for fans like us, but also understandable for a talented sex God like him! A girl can dream :).

    • How hard is it to ACT like you are in heat? Especially for a man, Yes CG has many varying pentameters and emotional mood shifts…but let’s face it…We’re not tuning in to see the Shakespearan Sonnet version of 50 Shades…I wanna see the hard core action described in the book, and “substance” will play a very little part in the portrayals of these characters. CG’s character needs to fit the bill and have confidence, sex appeal, swagger, and a spectacular way of filling out a suit. I like some of the ideas fans are suggesting…but really some of you guys are simply throwing in your personal faves with no regard for the author’s description…CG isn’t blonde, he isn’t short, he isn’t skinny – he works out with Claude daily…Let’s get the suggestions close to the book at least…one fan to another.

  20. I think Ian Somerhalder can definitely be an amazing Christian. He’s already locked in for me. When I read the series a second time, I immediately pictured him in my head. To me, Alexis Bledel would make a wonderful Ana simply because she looks so innocent and trusting. However, Alexandra Daddario has become my #1 visual choice for playing Ana. Her huge blue eyes and gorgeous skin scream Ana to me.

  21. Ian Somerhalder is the perfect person to Play Christian Grey!!! when i first started reading the book, i had instantly pictured Ian aka Damon from Vampire Diaries to play him. He has the sexy eyes, the nice body, etc. If you watch him on the show you can fully understand why i see him playing it. on the show he plays a very rough around the edges (lack of a better term) like you want to hate him but he has this way with the ladies. the way he carries himself in everyday life and the way he speaks, screamssss Christian Grey!! i would be one happy camper to know and see him playing this role. i did a pole o my fb page and other pages and 99% of them fully agreed. when they seen his pic they instantly said “I DIDN’T THINK OF HIM BUT NOW I TOTALLY SEE IT” as for anastasia IDK who to choose, you want her to be beautiful but yet not to sexy. idk good luck with that one!! lol but i’ve already casted who i think should for sure play him. #IAN SOMERHALDER!! and whats even better is ian wants to play that role as well!!

    • He is totally perfect. I pictured him while reading Christian Greys mannerisms. That part in the first book where he takes Ana to the restaurant where they serve the catch of the day only and he gives her a wide eyed look! Come on!! Anyways, its up to the author because she is involved in the casting for this movie, so hopefully we see what she sees haha.

    • Alex Pettyfer for Christian ALL THE WAY! I wasn’t sure who I pictured when I read the books until I saw his photo gallery, and now that is all I can picture Fiddy as! Although he is young for the role, have y’all seen that boy in a suit!?!? Holy Sh#@ Batman! He has the eyes, the hair, the height, the body, and I betcha he has those long, slender fingers as well! Look him up, skim through his photo gallery and stop at the photos of him in a suit, tassled hair, slightly wiskery, and then when you are finished, picture him in those ripped up jeans and barefoot, then you will see why he IS the perfect Fiddy! The next question would be…. does the actor have the skills to pull off the role of Christian Grey? That is yet to be determined, but I think he definitely has the potential!

  22. I think you should consider Steven Gantt from Showtime’s Gigolos for Christian Grey. The author said she wanted an unknown. He would be perfect.

  23. I would have never thought about her as Anastasia, but after a site had mentioned Elizabeth Olsen as a good fit I am completely in agreement. When I think of Ana, that’s the girl who I see now. As far as Christian is concerned, there are only 2 that I would love to see. First is my wish, Robert Pattinson but if not him then Ryan Gosling.

  24. The actor that portrays Christian Grey should be a newcomer in order to avoid comparison to past roles. Steven Gantt from Showtime’s Gigolos would be ideal. Check him out on Facebook

  25. I see someone who is strikingly handsome with a bit of mystery and mischief about him. Zac Effron would be good, although I don’t see him doing this role.

    • YES!!!!! Finally someone else noticed Zac Efron. His Ana would be Lily Collins…perfect couple and great ages for the roles. Emma Stone as Kate and Kim Catrell as Elena!!

  26. I think jessie pavelka has the best look of all for Christian. I think dye Amanda Seigfrieds hair to brown and she would be the perfect Anna.

  27. I know he’s only a model and not from here but when I see David Gandy that’s who I see when I read the books that is my Christian Grey…Sexy as hell!! Now if they could find someone who looks like him and is an actor all my dreams will come true LOL :) I like Nina Dobrev as Ana.

    • OMG he is the perfect Cristian! Beautiful face and body and also a bit of a tough man’s look. Not that boy’s look as all the other suggestions! Unfortunately he is a bit to old for the role (although I wouldn’t care, as I feel that aging the characters would even be better) and he is not an actor…

  28. I second that!! You know the movie Soul Food turned into a mini series after the made the movie. I wish she could do both :)

  29. Colin Egglesfield as Chistian Grey is a perfect fit…although Ian Somerhalder is a beautiful also!! I just can’t wait too see what they say! I also have to say I am not keen on the idea of twilight people playing these people…while I do love them in twilight let’s face it Kristen Stewart can not act!

    • couldn’t agree more .I met him for a long night and he is every bit as seductive as the character of Christian.Looks wise-he is tall,dark and devastating handsome,plus interestingly enough,enigmatic and mysterious.this movie SO needs someone who isn’t a hollywood movie star.

  30. Giving someone like Steven Gantt the opportunity to play the role would provide the thrill of the unknown that captivated the readers of Fifty Shades of Grey

  31. I think alexandra daddario is perfect for Ana she’s got it all pale skin big
    blue eyes and she’s brunette she’s perfect

  32. Shoot i would love to play Anastasia Steele if Ian Somerhalder was cast as Christian Grey but what woman wouldn’t….

  33. Ian Somerhalder is BY FAR the perfect christian grey!!! No other male will do his character justice. If you’ve seen Vampire Diaries you’ll see he has such a dark side, but such a vulnerable side as well…and he’s gorgeous from head to toe….he’s exactly how I picture christian grey!! PLEASE DON’T PICK A BLONDE DUDE TO PLAY HIM!!

  34. Ian Somerhalder is the best choice for Christian Grey; he has the smoldering good looks and the brooding disposition. Emmy Rossum should be Anastasia. I can see her stumbling into his office and see her with tears in her eyes crying over Ian…er…Christian.

    • People need to stop saying Emmy Rossum or Natalie Portman seriously they are old and don’t fit the description at all this movie needs fresh faces.

  35. Steven Gantt is Christian Grey. He is a natural and because he is relatively unknown does not bring the baggage

  36. I am a huge fan of the Fifty Shades series!! For casting I would, NO QUESTION, cast Andrew Garfield for Christian!! He’s well spoken, not too famous and sexy as hell!!!
    For Ana, either Emmy Rossum, or the girl who played the oldest daughter in The Decendants. They are both beautiful and innocent looking.

  37. All I picture when reading the books is Ian Somerhald as Christian. He would be the perfect fit. Everything about him screams Mr. Grey. I don’t really have an opinion for Anna, just please NOT Kristin Stewart. Don’t get me wrong I LOVE the twilight films, but I would like to see some else play Anna.

  38. I would absolutely consider perfect for the roll of Christian Grey, Collin Egglesfield, and for the roll of Ana Steele, Natalie Portman or Minka Kelly!

  39. Steven Gantt would make this movie what the book portrays…his swagger, attitude, class and looks are truly what is important when casting such a strong character. Christian Grey is Steven Gantt…..

  40. I really have a hard time picturing anyone as Christian. My first choice would be Ian, did you see him during the Ryan Seacrest interview. His eyes!! If Christian Bale was younger I think he could totally embody the character. We need someone like him!!!! I mean this part is made for RPATZ of course when he had his tousled hair!!!

  41. Still think Steven Gantt is perfect as Christian Grey. I do agree it would be better as a series on Showtime

  42. Steven Gantt from Showtime’s Gigolos without a doubt MUST BE CHRISTIAN GREY! Aside from the fact that this man is smoldering sexy, he has the attitude. He has Christian’s bold sexy attitude in the bedroom and his sweet and gentle demeanor, timid but sure of himself and what makes him happy and sad. There is something that I feel would be so instinctual about Steven’s portrayal of Christian. To do the book justice Christian has to be portrayed in the most carnal fashion and I think a mainstream hollywood star would be compromised by demands and restrictions. Also a gutsy NC17 rating is needed – don’t dumb down this movie for the sake of ratings. Have the balls to do something bold and exciting. Steven Gantt is BOLD & EXCITING and an NC-17 rating can be done well (i.e., Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down) and not pathetically (i.e., Showgirls – although it is one of my guilty pleasures) I am for Steven Gantt 100%!!!

  43. definately HAS to be Steven Gantt.Understated,oozes sex appeal.Shy yet risque,and has a really bad sexual side ( i know,I am a client :) )

  44. I have pulled up everyone’s choice for Ana and Christian and I have not had that Ahhh moment where I say “OMG that is Ana and Christian. Its just my opinion but some of these actors and actresses be chosen are much older. Christian should be a sexy 26-27 yr old not a 30 on up. Ana should look like a plain but beautiful 21-22 yr old. I like Natalie Portman but not for this role. Its going to be real hard to find someone to fit the image of Christian Grey and Ana Steele to the tee but I know there are some new and fresh actors out there that want that opportunity to be part of something that is going to be big!! And as much as I love Twilight, I don’t think anyone from those movies should be apart of this they have their identity with Twillight. I want hot, sexy, dominating, plain, beautiful. young, fresh omg actors/actresses doing this movie (hopefully crossing my fingers mini series) :)

    • I felt the same way! While I love a lot of the actors I didn’t get the “that’s him!!” reaction, however I started looking at Chris Hemsworth and got a little more excited about him! We shall see. No that a series was mentioned I don’t think that’s a bad idea!!!

  45. Steven Gantt will be able to bring the character to the screen. He is relatively unknown but has the look and moves to recreate Christian Grey on film

  46. I think Matt Bomer would be an AMAZING Christian I mean have you seen him in White Collar?? He is so Christian Grey. And my vote for Anastasia is definitely Allison Williams from Girls..she would be perfect

    • Matt IS the perfect Christian, he does all CG’s looks so well, and who cares what his sexual persuasion is off screen, he’s an actor! Ian Somerhalder is hot as Damon but he’s no Christian – if Nalini Singhs Guild Hunter books went to screen Ian would be the perfect Dmitri;)! Matt Bomer for CG-no question!

  47. I am hoping the director will let Steven Gantt. Audition for the role of Christian Grey. He could would be great!

  48. Henry Cavill is Christian Grey….if you dont believe me then look up a you tube video….Henry Cavill Unstoppable….its totally look likes a 50 shade promo…..

  49. Stil think Steven Gantt is perfect for Christian Grey. Although I think the movie should be a series on Showtime

  50. I think Stephen Gant from Gigalos would be perfect. First off..he has a rocking body, is his life, third…he already has a mini series ;) when I was reading this book He is exactly who I envisioned!!

  51. I read all three books in 4 days. I loved them, the whole reason I even thought of getting them was because of being a twilight fan. I know for me Christian is a perfect looking creature of a man. As posted below I really, as a fan, think that at least Ana and 50 need to be characters that are a nobody. But someone like William Levy or even James Scott(not as well known) would be good. I’m just so excited for a movie.

  52. Melinda Clarke should totally play Ms. Robinson! I know she doesn’t have blonde hair, but I think she has the personality to play the role.

  53. Christian Grey needs to be someone that not only has the look but the skills for the role. That would be Steven Gantt

  54. Steven Gantt’s fans believe he is perfect for the role of Christian Grey. He has the look and the skills to portray Christian Grey’s soul

    • He just doesn’t do it for me. He just doesn’t seem to have that feel. Don’t get me wrong he is hot but not my imagination of Christian Grey HOT!!

  55. Steven Gantt is perfect for the role of Christian Grey. He has the moves down and should be given an opportunity to audition for the role!

  56. First of all it is Christian Grey. Steven Gantt would be great in the role. I think he has the perfect look and attitude for the role.

  57. Ok so just put down the first book and I am HOOKED!! I haven’t had a chance to look at the suggestions above but think about this…

    Christian = Liam Hemsworth or Jonathan Rys Meyers…I think that both are beautiful men that could fit the “adonis” bill, both have the ability to reflect the softer side that keeps Ana hoping for “more” AND lets not forget he is 27 so he has to embody both youth and ardor for his company… and his ”hobby”.

    Anastasia = Emilia Clarke or Alexis Bledle…I think Emilia would be the better choice for both looks and assumed comfort/experience with on camera “sexy-time”, but both can suit up to the studious but sensual innocent with “blue eyes too big for [their] face[s]”.

    Okay seriously I have a life, but this BOOK!! I can’t wait to see how it plays out on the big screen!!

    This is fun!!

  58. So check out Steven Gantt for Christian Grey. He has the right combination of sensitivity and sexual energy to be great in the role.

  59. I agree with whomever said no twilight actors, and also true blood for that matter. If these movies want to be taken seriously, then a separation from vamps needs to be done. Alexander skarsgard is definitely good looking but no way Christian..,and the same for Ian…sorry, I know a lot of you disagree but I get the creep factor from him….Christian is supposed to be a Greek god, and although Ian could play the bad side of Christian, he is not universally hot the way described in books. Just my opinion though….

    • I 10000% agree! Ive said this from the very beginning! I also dont think Ian has the acting chops for a movie this big! Check out Henry Cavill!!!! Alex looks nothing like the way Christian is described. Neither he or Ian have stop your heart, jaw dropping looks!

  60. Also, I think an nc-17 rating needs to be in effect. If you are going to make ths movie, then do it right. Anyone who is under 17 shouldn’t be seeing these movies anyways so I say go for it and make the readers happy!,!

  61. I think Chace Crawford would be perfect for the role of Christian! He’s just got something that screams Christian Grey all over him!

  62. It would be best if they cast fresh, new faces. The story needs to be told with an unbiased view on the actors just seeing them as Christian and Ana. Just like no one really saw Kristen and Rob as anyone except Bella and Edward and Nina and Ian as anyone except Elena and Damon. Christian and Ana have their own story that needs to be told as their own.

  63. I think Emma Watson would make a terrific Ana, she’s strong, smart, and beautiful in an understated, not “bimbo-barbie” sort of way. If she could pull off an American accent, it would be perfect. Can’t believe no one else has even mentioned her.

  64. OH, and Gale Harold, were he about 10 years younger. Although, he honestly hasn’t appeared to have aged much over 30. LOVE him and he so completely pulled off the “Christian Grey” persona with Brian Kinney in Queer as Folk. Plus….He’s GORGEOUS.

  65. Steven Gantt has a large fan base that think he is perfect for the role. He has the looks of Christian Grey and the skills to do an excellent job if given a chance

  66. I just think his face is too puffy you should look up Matt Bomer he looks like the perfect Christian Grey even in a suit he’s got the eyes, hair and everything

  67. i think chris hemsworth could play a reaaaally nice elliot!! as far from christian i could go for ian somerhald …

  68. Nope! He has to many roles in the past. We need someone fairly new to the big screen like Steven Gantt. Check his photo out at Sunrise Tonight movie

  69. Seriously enough w Steve Gantt. Yes he’s attractive but he doesn’t fit the author’s description, its way off. So many gorgeous actors with grey/Steele blue eyes. They are going to have a tough time narrowing it down.

  70. I think that Ryan Gosling should play Christian Grey. Reason being he’s a perfect fifty shades of fucked up from playing in blue valentine, drive and crazy stupid love. He would be the ultimate best person to play his role!!

  71. Ryan Gosling would make a perfect Christian Grey. He’s an extremely talented actor and can play versatile roles. I’ve loved every movie he’s been in (not just the big blockbusters). Another person who came to thought was Bradley Cooper (however he may not be “young” enough to play a 27 year old and he usually sticks to comedies). Overall, I don’t think Alexander Skarsgard is a good fit. He’s the complete opposite of what I picture Christian Grey to look like. Hate to say it, but he always looks “tired”. Maybe it’s the never-ending bags under his eyes and his pale washed out skin tone. Plus the receding hairline doesn’t really help. Again, just my opinion – Skarsgard doesn’t do it for me.

  72. I have been looking at everyone’s choice for Christian Grey and I have been pulling up their pictures and I still haven’t seen “The One” a lot of these actors are very good looking but they are not Christian Grey. I hope to see the name of an actor I don’t know and be blown away by his looks and talent. Its the same for Ana! Also, I can see Charlize Theron as Elena. She is older and beautiful. As far as the other characters I think it would be much easier finding them but Christian and Ana it will take time. Good luck to the ones that are chosen by E.L. I can’t wait!!

  73. Pull up the movie Sunrise Tonight and look at the picture of Steven Gantt in his suit. He looks just like I imagine Christian Grey.

    • The problem with Steven Gantt is that he’s a real life male escort. Although he may have some of the sexual attributes of Christian, I doubt Universal will want to sensationalize his choice of profession by putting him in such a large spotlight. Hence, the reason he’s on a reality show about being a “gigilo” as well as a low budget Twilight re-make that doesn’t even look like it’s going to be produced. With the books being so large and spanning over a variety of readers, I don’t think Universal will want the “backlash” from viewers for turning a prostitute into a star. That’s left to channels like Showtime.

    • i think he fits the role. if he did it; it would expand his acting career and not to mention; he does have that sexy look that screams “CHRISTIAN GREY” so; i think people should give him a chance because i know he could really pull it off.

  74. Well put. Also other than his fierce sexual presence, largley due to his profession, he doesn’t fit the authors description of the character at all.

    • Thank you. I firmly believe that it would not only cause more harm to Universal, but that placing an escort in the role would also cast even more distaste for those who are already opposed to such a “taboo” topic of BDSM. So although Steven Gantt may live the sexual fantasies portrayed in the book, I don’t think he captures the vision of Christian Grey. It would be difficult to watch him and not think “male prostitute” the whole time.

  75. I understand your comments about Steven Gantt, but look at Channing Tatum. He was given a chance and has done some great roles. Sometimes we need to give someone a chance

    • I completely agree that people should be given chances and that’s what auditions are for. You’re right, I did think of Channing Tatum when I wrote my response above. However, in all fairness, Channing Tatum was a “dancer/stripper”. Believe me, I’m definitely not saying that is any better than being an escort. But one of those professions does come off being frowned upon a little more than the other.

      Also, I live in Southern California. There are many actors/actresses that started out in situtations where they worked as skimpy cocktail waitress/bartender/dancer/stripper, etc. You see it all the time. I can’t stress that enough. But I can’t think of any notable actors that started out as escorts (especially ones from Nevada where prostitution is legal and openly flaunted). Furthermore, although Channing Tatum has in fact played some amazing roles and can act, unfortunately sometimes his past still dampens his credibility. Although I understand Gantt has to “act” when he’s with his clients he’s not really an “actor” – he’s on a reality tv show and there is quite a difference. Although he is a good looking guy, I would just find it difficult for the movie studio to justify employing him for the role given his history.

  76. Agreed BUT still doesn’t change the fact that he just doesn’t fit the authors description of Christian. He is sexy in a suit though, I’ll give you that.

    • Hahaha Carolyn “stow your twitchy….typing fingers my dear” – the 47 times you’ve posted on this page alone voting for Steven Gantt is starting to make me think you’re his agent. If so, you’re pressing for him pretty hard. Sure you don’t work in Hollywood? ;)

  77. Nope I just like to give people a chance. Never been to Hollywood. Give me another long shot and I will check him out!

  78. Ian for Christian Grey role … And a new face for Ana ‘s role… And for the last time.. Kristen stewart. CANNOT act!!

  79. So who do you suggest? I will check him out. Why do you roll your eyes? Everyone has a right to their vision of the character.

    • Matt Bomer is pretty darn hot and he does fit the profile. Too bad he’s gay though as I’d wish he were my own Christian Grey ;) But he is a pretty good actor so you never know!

      Not sure about Liam Hemsworth – to me he looks too young. Geez, I’d feel like Mrs. Robinson watching him on the screen hahaha. For some reason I can’t picture him as a dominant character. I wish that we knew already! Ahhhhh, the suspense is killing me!!!!

  80. What do you all think about Colin Eglesfield? I know he’s played small tv show parts but I’ve only seen him in “Something Borrowed”. He might also make a good Christian. Thoughts?

  81. Yes!!! Oh my!!! Who new Hollywood was filled with all these men that we could consider letting tie us up!!

    Kidding don’t want to offend anyone, but you get what I’m saying.

    • hahaha no offense taken here! I’d consider letting him, or Ryan Gosling, or Bradley Cooper, or Henry Cavhill tie me up any day! ;)

      What has Christian Grey turned us all into?!?!?! Thanks E.L. James!!!

      • Haha yes thanks EL!! How about Chris Evans!?!? Let’s be honest we are all going to see it regardless!!

  82. Chris Evans – I think Captain America may be able to pull it off. He definitely has the body for it but I’m not so sure of his acting skills. Can’t say I’ve seen him in anything except for that teen comedy spoof (that I only lasted MAYBE 15 minutes watching). If he were able to capture the intense side of Christian then it might be a possibility but kind of like Cooper I think he focuses on comedies and teen films. Again I haven’t seen him in anything really so I could be wrong and can’t really say.

    Seems like our list is endless….and yes I think I’d end up seeing it UNLESS they cast the Twilight actors which I hope that they don’t. That would absolutely RUIN the film (and destroy my beautiful mental vision of Christian Grey).

  83. I fell in love with Chris Evans when I saw him in “What’s Your Number”….I immediately thought of him when I heard they were making the book into a movie…I def think he could pull it off….he has my vote!!

  84. i think that Armie Hammer would be a wonderful Chirstian Grey. He has beautiful eyes, looks great in a suit, looks young enough, he is great shape, and lets not forget his voice. thats my pick! For Anastasia even though she is part of the twilight saga kristen stewart would be perfect. she is naturaly clumsy fragil and the right age.


  86. My perfect cast As a TWiHard Fan… please dont pick them to be in this cast. It will ruin the whole book/film to me.
    Christian- Ian somerhalder
    Anastasia- Minka Kelly????
    Taylor- Christopher Meloni
    Crack Whore – Eliza Dushku
    Elliot- Chris Evans
    Kate- Kirsten Storms
    Jose- Jay Hernandez
    Mrs. Robinson- Nicole Kidman/Michelle pfeiffer
    Mia- Lucy Hale
    Ethan- Alex Pettyfer
    Jack Hyde- Collin Ferrell
    Carrick- Colm Feore
    Grace- Mary Steenburgen
    Gia- Jessica Biel
    Ray- Gary Cole
    Taylor- Christopher Meloni

    • You have some really good ideas.
      but my christian would be Tom Hiddleston, ana would be Emmy Rossum.

      i just think they are picking the right people but for the wrong parts.
      and kristen stewart could be in the movie, but not even as Kate. Kate should be more powerful like she can rule but be gorgeous.
      Stewart lacks some talent… just a bit

      • Kate i picked Kristen Storms not stewart. I just think she needs to be a power house but funny and you can see it in her face. A girl with class. colin egglesfield would be great for the cast as well… But as of right now i just went to type in christian Grey and I put IAN… I’m set on Ian. Hes truly perfect for this role.

  87. I think Chistian Bale should play Christian… makes sense right?? And not too sure about Ana, just as long as it’s not god awful, cant act her way out of a cardboard box Kristen Stewart…

  88. The perfect Anastasia Steele hands down is Lilly Collins. It needs to be someone who looks innocent and someone that is pretty but, not drop dead gorgeous. She has big eyes and she just seems perfect. All she would need is blue contacts! As for Christian, of course, Ian Somerhalder or Matt Bomer! They are both gorgeous which is what Christian is! They both look young enough to be 27ish. And, Ian Somerhalder has that beautiful lopsided smile Anastasia is always talking about in the book! I mean come on people he is suppose to be gorgeous! He is suppose to be so beautiful that every woman wants to fall to his feet! I don’t think Alex Skarsgard and Ryan Gosling are up to par. They are cute yes but, not the kinda of beautiful Christian is suppose to be! What do you think ladies? I’ve read the recent articles about Mr. Bret Easton Ellis wanting to write the screenplay and who he thinks should play who ( i.e, Alex Skarsgards and Scarlett Johannson). He has seriously got it all wrong! If he doesn’t know the book well enough to acknowledge the right people for the parts, he doesn’t need to write the screenplay! But, of course, that is just my own opinion!!!! ;)

  89. Good point well made!!!!!! If Ian Somerhalder plays Christian I will pay to see the movie at least 5 times. I will also buy the dvd when it comes out. LOL!!

  90. Really?? Lilly Collins she doesn’t fit the part as Ana seriously her eyebrows are bushy and her eyes are brown duhhhhh

  91. Ian Somerhalder and Lily Collins or Katharine McPhee!!! I will definitely not watch if is Alex and Scarlett. We need somebody to play who is fairly new to the screen and drop dead gorgeous.

  92. Anyone but Alexander Skarsgard!!! Said it before, he’s too roughed up looking. Almost like he has the flu all day every day! Not sure about Alex Pettyfer – he’s too young. I don’t think he can pass up for a 27/28 year old CEO. Although he’s cute, he’s got too much of a babyface. And the thought of Scarlett playing Ana is such a turnoff. I think we need a fresh face for that role.

  93. I agree we all have visions for the different characters. I like Steven Gantt, Matt Boemet, and Ian for Christian. But I am open for suggestions

  94. Henry Cavill IS CHristian Grey! His Dunhill ads scream Fifty! Take a look at them on you tube. The suit,helicopter,facy car & sexy pics to boot. He has the body,the eyes,the boyish smile,canplay seductive,domineering,charming & businesslike,allong with the painful side of Christian as well. He can play & look all sides of Christian. After you take a look at his Dunhill ads, watch him in Tudors. He has already played all sides & he has no problem with the steamy naked scenes either. I love Ian as well but think he is more bad boy than classy businessman. Henry is all man. He is sex on legs. Collin Eggelsfield is also a favorite of mine but he is more boy next door to me & is 39 but he looks very young. As for Ana, I would like to see Alexandra Daddario. She has the long brown hair,the big blue eyes & her features could work for innocent Ana yet grow with the character emotionally & sexually to eventually being a mother. She is 26 & I think someone a little older playing 22 would have more experience to pull off the steamy scenes. I also like Lindsey Fonseca who has similar features & Lucy Hale although she has green eyes. I thought of Charlize Theron for Mrs Robinson, but I do like Melinda Clarke as well even though she has red hair maybe th ey can leave that change. She has always been sexy in her roles

  95. I really think that Ryan Gossling would be a great Christian! Ryan can do the “Take no sh%$#” faces of Christian. The whole time I was reading the book I was picturing Ryan. He is super hot and a great Christian!

    • I also believe Alexis Bledel is a perfect Ana, she has a great “girl next door” look, but is also sexy while being natural.

  96. I’ve been thinking. And Josh Duhamel as Christian? I think he’d be good. And maybe Emma Watson or Emma Stone for Ana? And what about Sandra Bullock for Elena, Blake Lively as Kate, and Zac Efron as Elliot. Oh, and Mark Harmon as Carrick. Id love it.

  97. Please consider Gavin Dunne (hot ugy in the York Peppermint Patty commercial) or Sean Faris to play MY Christian Grey. :-)

  98. Okay. Guys please think about this one.
    Tom Hiddleston. Totally hot, can rock the dominate and the sweet charming guy he becomes.
    Emmy Rossum, a brunette with big eyes and she is beautiful. She would fit the role of a girl that looks like a sub but want More… There’s that word again.

    Please for Christian don’t just pic a sexy face, he’s supposed to be tall lanky and have big long fingers… and be sexy… TOM HIDDLESTON Please.

  99. Ian Somerhalder should play Christian… He is the only 1 that could come close to all of the ” Fifty Shades” :)

    • I know!!! He’s so hot. Unfortunately I doubt that he’ll be cast because of that. Which is a shame because he’s a great actor. But they probably want someone who women can envision being “attainable”. Not that any actor really is, but hopefully you all know what I mean. *sigh*

  100. Just watched Colin Egglesfield on the season finale of The Client List. The show isn’t all that great but he can definitely act. He goes from hot and sexy romantic to tears and rage and is so believable. Perfect 50 shades of F*d up!

  101. Ian Somerhalder is the only Christian Grey in my opinion. He is absolutely perfect and has the look that could make women fall to their knees! He should totally get it!!! Emmy Rossum would be good for Anastasia and Sharon Stone should play Mrs. Robinson:)

  102. Emmy Rossom as Anastasia, Matt Bomer as Christian, Justin Chambers as Jose, Madeline Stowe as “mrs. Robinson”, Jennifer Lawerence as Kateu

  103. I definately could see Matt Bomer… C.Hemsworth… Gosling… playing C.Grey… I think Rachel Evan Wood or Ashley Greene
    would be a great Ana

  104. IAN SOMERHALDER as Christian!!!! He has that charisma and can easily play the ruff / bad boy image with a good heart!

  105. Chace Crawford would be so perfect!!!! I’ve seen him play a lot of Christians personalities. I dont get the Alex Pettyfer thing at all. Maybe I’m crazy. I don’t find him good looking enough. He’s too blonde which isn’t Christian at all. Just not a good fit. as hot as Ryan gosling is he’s just too old as well as Natalie portman.

  106. Have you all seen this fan made trailer? Granted it’s not real and I definitely don’t think Matt Damon should play Taylor, but it still got me excited for the film adaptation!

  107. Matt Bomer for Christian Grey or Jason Shane Scott
    Kristen Stewart for Ana- she would be great for this role and looks 22years old as she is
    Bella Heathcote for Mia
    Taylor Kitsch for Elliot

  108. The face I see when I read the book is Jason-Shane Scott. No doubt about it. He would be the best Christian Grey!!

  109. My first choice for Christian would be Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf ( He has that smoldering sex appeal and is utterly sexy when angry, he would make a great Dom. My second choice would be Alex Pettyfer.
    As for Ana, I would like a younger lesser known actress. And Jennifer Love Hewitt wanting to play her is completely ridiculous. I recently watched Blue Lagoon: The Awakening and thought the lead actress was breathtaking. Dye her hair and she would make a great Ana. (

    • I checked out your links. I think these are great choices! Indiana is stunning and would be a great Ana and Tyler…oh my! I watch Political Animals and keep seeing Carla Gugino as Grace. There was also something I saw recently that had Jenny McCarthy as Elena. I think she’d be a great choice!

  110. Not masculine enough…pretty boys don’t foot the bill for Christian noooo to Tyler…he is a hot pretty boy not a Christian. I am still sold on Steven Gantt…..Steven doesn’t necessarily shoot the best photos…it is his on screen personality that makes him the shoe in for this film….so when considering, if you have not seen him act or talked with him personally, don’t judge by photos….it is Steven in action that makes him Christian.

  111. Ian Somerhalder is the perfect Christian Grey in every way. Beautiful eyes, perfect features, chisled jaw, perfect body, tousled hair and that lock that falls over his forehead and long fingers, check it out.

  112. I read somewhere that Selena Gomez is one of the actresses who will audition for “Ana Steele” as well as Kristen Stewart.
    1. I will spit chips is Gomez gets the role…honestly who put that idea into her head?!
    2. As for Kristen Stewart – as much as i like her, i think she is pretty yada yada but just because she managed to score the role of Bella Swan in Twilight doesnt mean she needs to get the lead role in all major books/to be films. I really cant see either of these two as Ana Steele.

    As for the role of Mr Grey? Without a doubt Ryan Gosling!

  113. @TBA – I know everyone is entitled to their own opinions, but Tom Hiddleston? Are you serious?? He is the possibly the most UN-Grey character suggestion I’ve read on this site. When I think of Christian, I think of strong, beautiful, young – I could see your suggestion as my accountant, maybe, but NOT CEO of Grey Holdings, Inc.

    Jon Rhys Meyers or Ian Somerhalder fit the bill in my books!

  114. Yes i’m serious, he fits the description of the character perfectly. Ian Somerholder and Jonathan Rhys Myers? No way! Christian is not brown haired and blue eyed… Tom Hiddleston is only 2 years older than Christian is supposed to be, so he is young. Christian looks strong physically, which Hiddleston does, but he’s vulnerable and broken inside… Ian Somerholder would be plain awful, he’d ruin it. He’s just a pretty boy with lame acting skills and Meyers doesn’t even come close

    • Tom Hiddleston doesn’t remind me of Christian. He’s actually been noted to resemble a young Gene Wilder if they ever did a remake of Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory. Yikes!

      • I don’t really see the resemblance to Wilder at all… that man was fugly… Hiddleston really isn’t.

        Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and that’s who i saw when i read the books. If they cast any of the brown hair, blue eyed suggestions, it would be a travesty. We’ve already had to endure a blue eyed Harry Potter… I’m also noting that Alexander Skarsgaard said he was “born to the play the part” ummmm… no…

    • The only similarity is the curly hair and the grey eyes… Hiddleston is more defined and sculptured, and far prettier.

      Besides, Hiddleston has just signed on to play porn legend Paul Raymond in a biopic of his life, so it shouldn’t be a problem getting him to do this ;)

      Skaarsgard is an awful choice, at least we both agree on that ;) But Somerhalder and Pattinson are worse! I heard that the guy who wants to write is thinks Alex Pettyfer is the perfect Christian… Despite being 22 years old (Christian is 27) blonde and dark eyed… i hope they don’t let him write it… he doesn’t even know the characters!

      • Hiddleston does have more defined cheekbones and a pointier chin but I think the reason I’m turned off on him is his partially receding hair line/large forehead. I feel like that’s the problem with so many of these actors – they seem to look much older than they are.

        I’m also not into Gantt but for the reason that he’s not an actor, he’s a glorified hooker (sorry, but it’s true). Despite the dark hair (which can be changed) I feel like Colin Egglesfield would be great. But again, he’s 39 so that may be an issue although he has and does play characters that are in their 20s. Alex Pettyfer is has the opposite problem where he’s really good looking, but I feel like he’s way too young looking to pass for a 27/28 year old. Guess we’ll have to see.

        I also agree that Pattinson’s a bad choice. I think anyone from Twilight is a bad choice. I feel like they can’t act!!!

  115. Wow I agree…Huddleston…really? Now way….lol! I am still all about Steven Gantt but have an open mind for all of the responses…..Gantt is sooooo strong on the outside and vulnerable on the inside….it is so easy to see….it is actually who he is and not a character part…an easy transition.

    • Steven Gantt is a bad choice… just bad… he looks nothing like Christian Grey at all.. he has brown eyes and hair for a start…

  116. If the guy from Demil Lovato’s video “Give Your Heart a Break”, I think his name is Alex Bechet, would have blue eyes he would be perfect for Christian!

  117. Does anyone else notice in the the first book Kate has green eyes but in the second and last book they mystically turn blue? And how in book 1 Ana is 21 but in the last book she’s celebrating her 23 birthday? Wtf?

  118. By the way all, just found out that E.L. James herself confirmed today that the movie is only based on the first book. So looks like we may have more 50 Shades films in the future!!!

  119. Ian Somerhalder is perfect for Christian Grey. I honestly can’t see any other actor doing it justice like he would! He has the look and he is extremely sexy. His scowl can make women drop to their knees. His eyes are exactly like they are described in the book. If he doesn’t get it no else will do (in my opinion). For Ana I think Emmy Rossum is a good choice. Sharon Stone would be awesome as Mrs. Robinson.

  120. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE consider Cillian Murphy, I’m seeing ALOT of the same names, but when I read the books I envision him. I could see Alexis playing the role of Ana, but Cillian is Christian Grey!

  121. Ian Somerhalder, perfect to play Christian, everyone has their own Christian in their mind. I only hope they pick the right guy to do the job. I just wish they would put us out of our misery soon….

    • I’m not denying he’s attractive, but just because he’s attractive doesn’t make him automatically perfect for Christian Grey… for a start his eyes are blue and his hair is brown and straight and he’s not that tall, he’s only 5’9″ and EL James describes Christian as very tall. The only thing Cillian Murphy has going for him is that fact that he is an extremely talented actor, but his American accent is pants!

      Same thing with Somerhalder… you can tell Vampire Diaries is far bigger in the States than it is here… Somerhalder looks NOTHING like how Christian is described in the books and he’s a completely overrated actor. Just because you perceive him as sexy doesn’t make him right for the part. You have to look at how the character is described both physically and characteristically. The things he is able to do (he’s fluent in French for example and an accomplished dancer and pianist) it’s not all about sexiness… besides Christian Grey is described as beautiful, not sexy and neither of those actors are beautiful. Sexy yes, but not beautiful. Nobody on here seems to have read the physical description of Christian very well (or just ignored it completely) let alone the mental attitude he has. I’ve seen Somerhalder act, he’d do a terrible job! Out of all the suggestions i’ve heard the only other one i’d be happy with (bar Hiddleston) is Ryan Gosling, at least he’s a good actor!

      I just prey they do the movie justice and don’t pick stars just because they are ‘big’ at the moment, otherwise it’s just going to be a Vampire Diaries/Pretty Little Liars/Twilight reunion and it would be God awful!

      • I agree! There are so many new actors and actresses trying to break out that we don’t even know who they are or what they look like. I’m sure when they do auditions everyone who acts is going to come out. And I hope its then when Christian Grey and Ana Steele walk in and everyone says YES!!! that is them. Don’t get me wrong I like all these actors/actresses everyone wants to play them but its not the role for them. Christian and Ana have to be fresh faces but able to act. I haven’t seen the perfect Christian or Ana and I look at everyone’s comments and pull up pictures.

  122. You have very valid points and I can tell by your response to my comment you see this book intelligently. It is however about how one see Christian from the book into the film. Yes Ian Somerhalder has only really starred in TV and a few non talked about films and is very current at the moment in the US but that doesn’t mean he is an over rated actor, he must be doing something right as I understand he’s the most popular star on Vampire Diaries which is watched all over the world. Yes Christian is tall, copper tones to his hair but will they be keeping 100% to the book. As for Ian Somerhalder playing Christian, how do we know he won’t do him justice he’s an actor. I my eyes along with thousands of others we see him as Christian, he’s miles ahead on all the polls. I think people forget this book was written as a Twilight without the Vampires theme and shouldn’t be taken too seriously. I’m sure EL James has the person in mind who she see as Christian and I personally trust her finally choice. I think that Christian is sexy and thats what makes the women love him. I also don’t want to see a dark arty film which will take us away from our fantasy.
    Everyone has their own idea of Christian, mind is Ian Somerhalder

    • He’s overrated in the sense that he’s very one dimensional, everything i’ve seen him he’s the same sort of person. It doesn’t make him a bad actor, just overrated. Besides, i got flack for mentioning Hiddleston because of his age (he’s almost 4 years younger than Somerhalder) I just think the whole Somerhalder thing has gone crazy. Obviously they will stick as close to the book as possible because EL James has the final say. If she wrote the character to be tall, beautiful, curly copper haired and grey eyes, i don’t think she’d settle for brown haired, blue eyed, average height, average looks… otherwise what was the point in writing him that way? I understand the appeal with Somerhalder, he’s a good looking guy, but he’s 6 years older than Christian, looks nothing like him and would probably do a bad job with such a complex character. It’s the same with Alexander Skarsgaard… they’re good looking but they’re just not right for the part. Matt Bomber is a better choice than those two and i’m not keen on him at all… i guess because casting is the field i’m working toward… i see things a little differently.

  123. Well since you seem to have great authority of the matter, we should all just quit! No more having fun with our dream casting everyone, little miss too serious has spoken! Get over it.

    • There’s no need to be rude :/ I haven’t been rude to you so why spit crap like that? None of what i said was serious :/ If you can’t debate something without stropping then leave.

  124. IAN SOMERHALDER should totally be Christian Grey.
    For Ana, ELIZABETH OLSON should honestly win this spot.
    We need a fresh new face instead of a HUG celebrity to fill in this spot. She would be great for Ana.

  125. I have a new suggestion – Matt Long. He’s been in a few small movies and also some t.v. shows. Although he’s not a big name actor, I think he fits the profile. And yes, his hair is brown but that can easily be dyed!

  126. Apologies. That was meant for Elaine M. I found her response to you over inflated, stating that everyone’s comments prove a need to go back and re-read. This book is purely for pleasure and escape from reality; to have someone determine if we seem to have read “intelligently”, is insulting. This book, while wildly entertaining, is no testament to great literature (no offense to the author). I just thought her comments came off as rather judgemental on such a trivial matter. My comment was meant to knock her of her high horse…I must have replied to the wrong thread. I think the beauty of reading is the ability to share the same journey as fellow readers while having our own personal play in characters, settings and so on. So while she is right that you have “valid points” on your choices…it really isn’t up to her to determine the validity of your points. The author wrote this story for you/us the reader. As for casting, I’d see anyone play such a risqué role, yes I have my vision, but try to keep me away regardless who is cast. Anyway, not directed at you, have a charmed day. :)

  127. I have thought long a hard and as much as I don’t want to say it but Robert fits the profile as he has that tinge to his hair and the controlling look in his eye, maybe be a new actor who looks similar. I would be thinking about Edward instead of Mr Grey. If only Ewan Mcgregor was 27 again. I really really want Emilia Clarke as Ana, she looks stunning with or without a lot of makeup and has innocent look about her and is fantastic in Game of Thrones. Kate Amanda Seyfreid, Mrs Robinson I think Joely Richardson.

  128. Paul walker should play Christian he is stunning his body his look is to die for he doesnt look his real age ,, he has got a killer look ,, his hair the way he drives haha ,, and he likes his stunts .. ana on the other hand Alexis Bledel


  130. Ian Somerhalder/Colin Egglesfield as Christian
    and Emilia Clark from GOT as Anastasia. A wonderful actress and perfect to play Ana! plus she seems comfortable and confident with her body.. and she fits the bill, brunette with big round eyes?

  131. i think ana should be an up coming actress not a well known one as like ana she is a nobody then gets everything just a suggestion

  132. Well, I hope they choose good actors. Yes they have to be everything we thought about the books, but good actors make much difference, otherwise lost to history. I hope they are not chosen any of these teen idols, because none of them are good enough for the depth that the role requires. Even that would alter the script rather the age of the characters to have good actors.
    And I hope you stay well away from the cast of actors of twilight.

    • While I grew up LOVING Newsies (and still do at age 26.. Christian Bale is gorgeous).. he is too old to play Grey. Maybe 10 yrs ago,…

  133. IAN SOMERHALDER WOULD BE ABSOLUTELY PERFECT OMG!! insanity ,he would be soo awesome and he is really hot too!!!!!!

  134. Chris Evans would make the perfect Christian (in my eyes at least) – Still stuck on who would make the best Ana ….. Emma Rossum would be a good choice.

  135. Hi girls,
    I really think the best Christian would be Ryan Gosling, he is handsome and has this halo of mistery just like Fifty, honestly I can’t see anybody else playing this role, he is a good actor and could give so much to the movie, he’s just perfect for the role; for Ana I would say Emma Stone or a new actress.

  136. Ryan Gosling- Christian Grey
    Natalie Portman-Anna Steele
    Joseph Gordon Levitt-Taylor
    Aly Michalka-Kate
    Cam Gigandet-Elliot
    Chris Evans-Ethan
    Jay Hernandez-Jose
    Julian Moore-Grace
    George Clooney-Carrick

    • Worst cast list everyone of them is to old but Ryan is an exception.. Seriously Natalie Portman? She’s good but she wouldn’t fit the part she’s too old this movie should have fresh faces..

  137. Ryan Gosling HANDS DOWN should play Christian (have you ever seen Crazy Stupid Love??) and Emmy Rossum all the WAY to play ANA! Please dear God do not cast Kristen Steward or Rob Pattinson- I will boycott the movie. They are too young and horrible actors. Also, teeny-boppers will want to go see the movie because of these actors and that is just not right… (and YES to George Clooney as Carrick! Good Call!)

      • NO! Not Emmy ROssum for the hundredth time she’s to old and doesn’t even fit the part Anna should be played by someone new not someone who’s a favorite to every one.

  138. I envision Hayden Christensen playing the role of Christian Grey. Who better than a young, sexy actor with seduction and mystery behind his eyes? Think about him as an aloof executive with a dark and Dominant side behind closed doors. Think about selling more tickets than Harry Potter opening night!

  139. this is about William Levy. no, not because he can dance, but because he is already an outstanding actor, in popular spanish TV dramas. he was born in Cuba, very poor background so as he remember the old days, the sadness shows. A quality that MUST presence in Christian Grey. He started out as model when he set foot on U.S. and we all know, models CAN NOT BE SHY. I googled pictures of him and there he stands……Christian Grey in front of my monitor! I don’t think anyone is more fitting then him to be in that character. I seriously, SERIOUSLY urge the production company people to not putting anybody else but William Levy to the role.

  140. I think Ian Somerhalder or Alexander Skarsgard or maybe even Wentworth Miller would be a brilliant Christian Grey. I don’t think I could watch it if Rob Patterson or Kristen Stewart was in the movie…

  141. i think Armie Hammer should play Christian, he is exactly him. The right look. And for his Ana, Emmy Rossum :). Kim Catrell would be perfect or Sharon Stone

  142. I must agree, Ian Somerhalder, for the role of Christian Grey… We all invision in our own minds what characters may look like, and the moment I saw this young actor (being that I am not an avid Vampire Diaries viewer, and have not ever have heard of Ian Somerhalder) (my apologies to Ian) I was able to connect Ian, with Christian Grey.

    Ashley Greene, is my favorite choice for Ana, there is a look of innocence that Ashley Greene carries about herself.

    Sharon Stone, is a wonderful choice for Mrs. Robinson, I can very much see Sharon playing this intimidating role.

    I wish the best for all whom are involved in this adventure.

  143. Although I was happy that I finished the book(s). I was sad that there wasn’t anymore. I would love to read a book from Christians perspective… Grrrr

    • Thats exactly what i was thinkint Castella, is would be very rough and sexy as hell to get it from Christian perspective, and i thinks “Bruce Payne” (he was the baddy in passanger 57) would make the perfect christian grey (although a little old maybe) that who was in my head while reading the books, (and will still be ther when i re read them on holiday next week ) !!

      • I’m not quite sure if I would place Bruce Payne in the role. I think they should get someone who is in their mid 20’s to mid 30’s… Maybe someone like Channing Tatum or Liam Hemsworth.
        But she should definately make a book from Christians perspective. Having a little piece of Christian at the end of the last book was a HUGE teaser. I want to read his erotic thoughts.

  144. I picture Ian Somerhalder as Christian and Mila Kunis or Lucy Hale as Ana. I think Katie Cassidy would be a perfect Kate!


  146. Johnathan Rhys Meyers should play Christian Grey. He has the look, the skill, an the life experience to pull it off successfully!

  147. Good evening!

    Firstly, just like to say that I loved the trilogy, so much so, I’ve only a few chapters of book 3 left to read….for the second time!
    Great reading it again as now I can imagine the characters and a lot more falls into place.
    These books have been written in a manor that makes it easy and comfortable to read.
    Having to justify to my own ‘Mr. Grey’ that this fictional, indulgent escapism is only a bit fun, hasn’t gone so well – especially as I’m rereading all three books!
    Anyway, just my thoughtsor casting are as follows:
    Christian – has to be Ian Somerhalder, unquestionably!
    Ana – Emma Stone (and with different colour hair and half moon glasses, would be a fab inner Goddess!)
    Carrick – George Clooney
    Taylor – Jason Statham! Mmmm…
    Mrs R – Cameron Diaz, perhaps she’s too young? Maybe Sharon Stone?

    Anyway, thank you again for great reading, been a very, very fun guilty pleasure!

    PS) please don’t allow the film to become a sexed up 90210 or Bold and the Beautiful. This has the makings to be deep and dark, beautiful and powerful.

    X x

    • What book were you reading because the fifty shade trilogy I read had so many mistakes it was unbearable and I couldnt stand how many times Ana said “oh my” I wanted to go inside the book and bitch slap her but none the less it was a cool story. And Emma stone should not play Ana. Jessica Stroup should she’s absolutely perfect and as for Christian Matt Bomer all the way.

  148. am i the only person who thinks that chris evans who played captain america would be good as christian, if he could be more dominating i think he would be great. i think im the only person who is thinking this

  149. Matt Bomer-perfect for christian grey: looks right age…..has the look(ceo meets sex god)….has the sex appeal….has that thing about him……he is the perfect actor to play this role……as for ana steele: lily collins…she’s pale..innocent…has that cute but o so sexy look to her and looks the right age and she’s not on the front page or in every magazine right now….these 2 are the perfect pair to make the movie…….my opinion:)…….I’d forsure watch it:)…….also…..if u pick an actress or actor whom r soo popular right now,I think it just wouldn’t work…….and what about the other characters….kate….jose…..ethan….elliot…..mia……….there are soo many other characters in the book to make this story really pull off the real feel of the book to cast…..but putting someone in any of these characters that don’t suit it to a T would just be a wreck…..u need to really feel it as u did if u ever read this book…….and mrs.robinson..huh….that’s an interesting one….I have no clue who would match her to play that role????!!!!!!!!:) love the 50 shades trilogy……soo can’t wait to see the movie..if its ever made……

  150. Joseph Morgan from the vampire diaries should totally play Christian grey as his character Klaus in vampire diaries has sinipits of Christians attitude and he plas him so good! Joseph Morgan would do Christian Grey JUSTICE !

  151. i think nobodys gonna agree with me and iv changed my mind, i really want matt bomer to be christian grey but chris evans is my 2nd choice and they have both said they would do it if they were approached whereas chris hemsworth kinda said hes not interested. sorry laides

  152. I imagined Ed Westwick as Christian…he’s bossy, horny and ambitious in Gossip Girl and he has hair on his chest…he walks the walk and talks the talk!…Blake Lively could be Kate, Kim Catrall makes a fine Elena…as for Anastasia, could be Mila Kunis or Natalie Portman :-)

  153. Emelia Clarke and Taylor Kitsch are hands down the best Anastasia and Christian you can find. She’s soft, sweet, young, innocent. I think she could stand her ground, yet have the same niave carefulness that embodies Ana. She’s beautiful, but in a plainer, no-make up, unintimidating way. Every female will be able to relate. As for Taylor Kitsch, just wow. This strong jawed, rugged, but could “clean up” very nicely, man is PERFECT! Hooded, grey eyes. Beautiful lips. Sexy hair. He’s the full package! He looks mysterious, harsh, passionate, a real GQ. I can see all Fifty Shades naturally swoon through him to every lady (and gentleman!) in the audience.

    • I agree, Taylor Kitsch would look the part. I would love it if he was cast. Hot! I just really hope he will be able to “be” the part of Christian.

  154. please stay very close to the book its simplicity is its key and unknown would be best he needs cooper hair

  155. Either Emilia Clarke or Natalie Portman as Ana. Maybe rather Emilia as she is less known, but would still be able to pull it off. As Christian…Ryan Gosling. But i do agree to a certain extend that we need relatively unknown faces. The leads must be able to “be” the characters, otherwise the movie will not live up to it’s full potential.

  156. Christian Grey shall be played by someone who’s not mainstream yet! Google DREW VAN ACKER! He’s perfect for the role! He’s dark, mysterious and oh so hot!

    Oh la la

    Make love with me:

    Wait for me at the Escala, laters baby!

    Oh oh, fifty is pissed *twitchy palm*

    The night he saved me at the bar – that Leather jacket – damn!

  157. I first imagined Ian Somerhalder, but reading some forums…..Actually, Christian is very slim with grey steely eyes….BEN BARNES shd be considered. Look at his eyes ladies.

  158. Henry Cavill is Mr Grey, Enrique Iglesias is Jose, Paul Bettany is Taylor, Cate Blanchett is Grace, Patrick Dempsey is Carrick, Keira Knightly is Kate, Anna Popplewell is Mia, Alex Pettyfer is Elliot, Amanda Seyfreid is Ana, Ellen Barkin is Mrs Robinson / Elena, Zack Ward is Jack Hyde, Keanu Reeves is Ray, and Sandra Bullock is Carla :D
    Im sure it will cost a fortune to make but it needs to be acted well, and no expense spared lol

  159. Joseph Morgan would make a great and believeable Christian grey as is character from the vampire diaries is basically Christian. his attitude is sweet then controlling, he is sexy, English and to die for!

  160. Taylor Kitsch with some weight on just how he was in Savages but of course cleaned up to the max and worked out would make a great Christian Grey, he can be serious and handle the sick sense of humor and possibly could be humbled, Broken down and lost , though i have not seen him in that fashion in any film he has starred in, his looks sexyness and roughness suits that very well of a Christian Grey

  161. Mrs. Robinson should be played by Kristin Bauer van Straten from True Blood (Pam), she is age appriopriate and BLONDE! Shes sexy and definitely could play the role of a Dominent, note her role history in past acts besides True Blood, shes got Ms. Lincoln written all over her!

  162. Anne Hathaway makes the perfect Anastasia Steele. As for Mr. 50 Shades himself, Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale. Jose Rodriguez coudn’t fit any more perfect for Adam Rodriguez, from CSI Miami. Since this book has been horribly misconstrued by people that do not comprehend the plot nor background to the story in this amazing Trilogy, it is a must to be supported by an excellent cast.

  163. Henry Cavill and Anna Kendrick!!! He is gorgeous but also has a lot of experience, as well as she does! I don’t think Ian should be Chris, don’t misunderstand me but he is too stunning, it would keep people from looking at his personality…

  164. I retract my earlier comment about Taylor Kitsch from Savages (John Carter) to play as Christian Grey. Instead Go for Ryan Gosling! Hes charming perfectly fit and could be dark and fifty more characteristics! Ryan Gosling end of story. The only con is that he is not of great height but thats nothing the camera cant take care of :-)

  165. JAMES SCOTT (EJ from Days of Our Lives) is the ONLY logical choice to play Christian Grey. He is who I pictured as soon as I started reading the book!

  166. Either Ian somerholder or Matt bomer for Christian grey I think Kristen Stewart should play Ana and glen close for Elena

  167. Ian is a pretty boy I agree but what about Sean Faris? Check him out in the video by Tyler shields he is gorgeous!! He is sex on legs deffo my Christian!!

  168. Yes yes 100 times yes! Matt Bomer fits Christian’s description perfectly! Ian somerhalder would be my second choice.

  169. Sorry for sounding like a homophobic pleb!! Just thought for the amount of sexual encounters that you would want real sense of chemistry and not just good acting. Matt bomer is unbelievably gorgeous, it was just a thought. Did not mean to cause offence!!
    My Christian is Sean Faris, have you seen him on Tyler shields video, he is so sexy!!!

  170. I have looked at all the names suggested. Ian Somerhalder is the only one who has the crooked smile and the eyebrow lift along with the hotness. The crooked smile and eyebrow lift are two very Fifty traits that can not be missed in the movie….

  171. Lyndsy Fonseca as Ana… with her natural beauty she could be a perfect Anastasia Steel and Matt Bomer as Christian or.. Ian Somerhalder, both had that elegance in walking and are absolutely fascinating!

  172. Wow ur right! Lyndsey Fonseca would be a good Ana, I didn’t even think of her. Lyndsey and Matt Bomer would look so good!

  173. Matt Bomer is gay in real life so it would totally ruin the image for the movie. Tho he is incredibly gorgeous, just would ruin the fantasy for all women. Hunter Parrish is where its at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  174. So what if Matt Bomer is gay….he is an actor and would play the role perfectly. Your homophobic comments are unwelcome and unnecessary. It’s disgusting how people use this excuse for their reason as to why he should not be CG. It should’nt even be mentioned. Peoples small mindedness blows my mind!!!!!

    • the idea is that you put urself as ana if u know the actor is really not into it it does spoil the mood somewhat

  175. Andrea you totally beat me to!!! While I respect the opinion of others these comments are just plain ignorant. I’ve plenty of extremely attractive gay friends who are the fiirst to admit that they are still suckers for a pretty face…male or female WITHOUT acting. My blanket statement in rebuttal…most gay men are more comfortable with intimacy than the majority straight men pre 30’s. I can entertain the thought that knowing an actor’s sexual prefernce may get in the way but I would be willin to bet that five minutes with that gorgeous face on the big screen, and you won’t know your own sexuality.
    These comments make me want him cast even more than ever!!! Gay or not tie me up Matt Bomer!!!

  176. I really think they should concider Wentworth Miller as Christian. He has the eyes and is a very quiet and mysterious person, just like Christian. And what about Mila Kunis as Anna?

  177. originally i said eric marsolf..but after watching fan made trailors all i can think off is MATT BOMER and ALEXIS BLEDEL for christian and ana!! i also think BRITTANY SNOW would be a good kate!! I really can not wait for this movie(s)!!

  178. Reallyl??? What is the difference when two straight people play a role they arent actully INTO each other it is called acting. However, this is all mute since Ian Somerhalder was born to play Christian. B-)

  179. i can see Paul wesley from the vampire diaries playing Christian he is soooo sexy and he can pull off the bad a** guy thats damaged and hurt. i wanna see either alexis blediel or emilia clarke as Ana

  180. I think ian somerhalder has the crooked smile and eyebrow lift but I feel like he’s too little I imagine someone a lil more brawney and drew would be good but I feel like his face is a lil too boyish I imagine someone like christian bale when I read but he’s too old and for Ana I did think kristen stewart but Ana’s is a lil mouthy so I don’t think that would work

  181. Gah! Matt bomer would be perfect but I have to agree and this isn’t homophobic or anything I have tons of gay friend’s and I know people can act so don’t take this into offense but I feel like it would ruin the fantasy for a lot of woman so I dunno but if Ian does it he’a gonna have to really really bulk up for the movie otherwise it’ll ruin the fantasy too

  182. I think Collin Egglesfield is the perfect actor for Mr.grey…he is hott in a business suit. He has a serious look but also look sensitive. He has grey ayes and sexy ass body. If u don’t know much about him I recommend you watch something borrowed….he such a dish and he is who i pictured when I read the book.

  183. id love to see chris hemsworth and nina dobrev as christian and anna and I have a vision of a perfect cast in my mind but in reality it will never happen it will be interesting to see the E. L. James cast come to life. I can not wait. As lon as kristen stewart is not Ana!

  184. I think Christian should be played by Ian Somerhalder and Alexis Bledel as Ana. That would be the perfect cast!!! Ian Somerhalder IS Christian Grey!!!!!

  185. I think Charlie Hunnam makes the perfect Chistian!!!!!!!!!!! He has the attitude and the body, especially with his pants hanging below his hips.

  186. jessie pavelka so mr grey oh my yess u would only say yes to him i see mr grey soft face not angry or scarey

    • Yes Out of all the suggestions I can definately see him as Christian. I think the others are gorgeous as well but too well known for me.

  187. Out of curiousity, does anyone know how to stop receiving the emails from this site? Every single time someone posts, I’m getting emailed. I don’t have the “Notify me” boxes checked either :/


  189. Just found out the name of main actor from the mentalist is SIMON BAKER now that is mysterisly one sexy man. perfect for the part i think..

  190. I wish when brainstorming for who should play Ana & Christian, people would keep in mind that they are suposed to be 22yrs & 27yrs old!!! Why is everyone suggesting actors 5-7 years older!!!!!??? I really hope when choosing the cast they stay true to the books!!!!! Otherwise why bring them to life on screen!!!!??? I’m so excited to see who James chooses!!!!

  191. MATT BOMER DEFINITLY!!!!! the eyes, the way he walks, puts his hands through his hair, the way he cocks his head to one side. his body sculpture. EVERYTHING!!! i wouldnt watch the movie if hes not playing the role. i honestly never watched anything matt bomer acted in before, just some trailors and one episode of white colar, but its most definitly him. none of the rest come close to what christian sounds like!!

  192. Alexander Skarsgard as Christian, Alexis Bledel/Lucy Hale as Anastasia, Sharon Stone as Mrs. Robinson and Kristen Stewart as Leila :) That would be the perfect cast. Ah, and Chace Crawford as Ethan or Elliot.

  193. Alexander Skarsgard would definitely make for an intriguing and sensitive scarred portrayal of Christian and those trousers would definitely hang from his hips in just the right way :-)

  194. Christian : Michaal Fassbender / Alexander Skarsgard / Ryan Gosling
    Ana : Emma Stone / Dakota Fanning / Ellen Page / Saoirse Ronan / Jessica Stroup / Emily Browning

  195. I think Alexander Skarsgård would be great in the roll of Christian Grey. I am a huge True Blood fan and he would be able to deliver the personality and sexyness of Christian. He has a dominating, sexy personality in True Blood. It would be a perfect fit!!

  196. i think it’s should be like this, after watch cosmopolis, Robert Pattinson can be perfectly Christian Grey, also Alexandra Daddario as (Anastassia), Lively Blake as (Kate Kavanagh), Angelina Jolie as (Elena Robinson)…
    think about it guys, and you’ll see i’m right…

    • If Angelina Jolie is in this movie then I will never, ever, ever watch it!!!! I think Alexandra as Ana is a big YES! Blake Lively as Kate…. not too sure. And a BIG FAT NO to Rob Pattinson as Christian!!!! CHRIS HEMSWORTH ALL THE WAY :)

  197. Henry Cavill is Christian Grey!!! To be honest he or Matt Bomer are perfect for the role, I refuse to see the movie if Ian ” I cant act my way out of a paper bag” Somerholder is chosen to play Christian. Lucy Hale is a perfect Anastasia. Armie Hammer is a perfect Elliot and Amber Heard or Blake Lively would be the perfect Kate.

  198. Why are some of you choosing men 10 yrs older then Christians age. I dont want to see my dad spanking Alexis Bledel. They arent casting Lolita! Also Alex Skarsguard and Ryan Gossling look nothing like the way Christian is described in the book. Dark hair, tall, broad shoulders!!! God forbid the castings were decided by “fan” pollings… we’d end up with Dr. Phil as Christian and Joan Rivers as Ana. Note to the casting director DO NOT LISTEN to the fans. Except for me :).

  199. This is getting ridiculous…whoever said Scott Speedman and Zac Efron are just plain insane!!! If thats the case Im pleading for
    Jonah Hill as Christian
    Neve Campbell as Ana
    Gary Oldman as Elliot
    Billie Jean King as Kate
    Morgan Freeman as Taylor
    I am really starting to think most of you on here didnt even read the book.

  200. At first I could only picture Ryan Gosling, especially after Crazy Stupid love. My next choices were Ian S or Alexander Skaarsgard. After thinking about it though, I agree that a relatively unknown would be a better choice. Scott Elrod has the looks, but I think acting skill is just as high on the list for the intricacies of Christian’s character.

    • WOW!!! Where did you find him, I still love Henry Cavill as Christian but I wouldn’t mind seeing this guy. Great choice!

  201. No she wouldn’t be. She is described as a platinum blonde in her late 30’s to early 40’s. Kim Cattrall is too old for it.

  202. A new one I just thought of for Christian is Daniel Goddard. He’s 40 but he looks a truckload younger. Tall, lean, the jaw line. He’s a good candidate!

  203. My idea of Christian is Christian Bale, and Anastasia is Katharine Isabelle. I don’t believe that I can imagine them any other way; but the casting of either of them is so unlikely…

  204. Upon further reasearch (a quick Google images search) Alexandra Daddario would make a great Anastasia. I could deal with that; but I really can’t shake my idea of Christian Bale as Christian Grey. I know that he’s too old for the part and probably wouldn’t do it anyway, but he will always be my Christian Grey.

    • I totally agree with u !!!
      Alexandra Daddario it’s the perfect anastassia, but for Christian I’m not so sure, maybe colin egglesfield or rob pattinson (watch cosmopolis) and u will know why I say it!!!

      • Definitely Alexandra Daddario as the perfect Ana! Either Matt Bomer or Henry Cavill as Christian. Alexandra and Matt have worked together in the tv series ‘White Collar’ and they look perfect together.

  205. I thought Chris Hemsworth was a good candidate for Christian Grey… But I’m liking Colin Egglesfield and Henry Cavill! Alexandra would be gorgeous as Ana!!! And True Blood’s Pam as Elena!

  206. Matt Bomer, he is gorgeous, he has the jaw line, the eyes, the lips and the hair, and his body is gorgeous, when christian grey is described, the man i see is matt bomer!

  207. IAN SOMERHALDER IS PERFECT FOR THE ROLE! Nobody can beat his mega-watt smile, enchanting greyish blue eyes and dominant-looking physique. Are you guys blind? Why don’t you all try to Google him? He’s just Christian Grey material from head to toe. I know most of you wanted Matt Bomer to have the role, and I yes, he is handsome. But he doesn’t have the DOMINANT AURA in him. I don’t know. I don’t see him as the one holding the shackles or handcuffs.

    As for Anastasia Steele, I was thinking of Alexandra Daddario. She has this pale-white skin and perfect Ana-ish aura on her. Don’t forget to mention her eyes that can make you paralyze.

  208. For Your Consideration (if budget was not a concern):

    CHRIS EVANS as Christian
    EMMA STONE as Ana (or Shailene Woodley)
    Jason Statham as Taylor
    Drew Barrymore as Gail
    William Levy as Jose
    Ian Somerhalder as Paul Clayton
    Matt Bomer as Elliott
    Rosie Huntington-Whitely as Kate
    Olivia Thirlby as Mia (or Lucy Hale)
    Armie Hammer as Ethan
    Charlize Theron as Mrs. Robinson (Elena Lincoln)
    Alexander Skarsgard as Jack Hyde
    Rachel McAdams as Leila (or Elizabeth Olsen)
    Bruce Willis as Ray
    Laura Linney as Carla
    Tom Hanks as Carrick Grey
    Patricia Clarkson as Dr. Grace Trevelyan Grey
    James McAvoy as Dr. Flynn
    Scarlett Johannson as Elizabeth
    Penelope Cruz as the house designer who used to date Elliott (ooh, I can’t believe I forgot her name!– sorry!)

  209. I think that Christian should be either Matt Bomer or Colin Egglesfield and Ana should be either Katharine Mcphee or Ashley Greene

  210. My Fifty Shades Dream Cast

    Christian Grey- Ian Somerhalder
    Anastasia Steele- Alexis Bledel
    Katherine Kavanagh- Blake Lively
    Elliot Grey- Liam Hemsworth
    Mia Grey- Lucy Hale
    Ethan Kavanagh- Chace Crawford
    Elena Lincoln- Charlize Theron
    Leila Williams – Minka Kelly
    Grace Trevelyan Grey- Sela Ward
    Carla May Adams – Lauren Graham
    Carrick Grey- Rob Lowe
    Ray Steele- Michael Keaton
    Jose Rodriguez- Jay Hernandez
    Jason Taylor- Michael Clark Duncan
    Gail Jones- Laura Linney
    Dr. Flynn – Colin Firth
    Jack Hyde- Cillian Murphy

  211. I vote Matt Bomer as Christian Grey hands down and Alexis Bledel for Ana perfect mixture of sweet and sexy, intelligent and strong. If you cast Rob Pattison and Kirsten Stewart I will dye, she has one look, no expression and is mono tone in everyone of her movies– In The Land of Women, Into the Wild, all Twilight movies and Snow White and the Huntsman.

  212. Ian Somerholder (Christian) and Alexis Bledel (Anastasia)…. this would be for non-teenagers!! Please…. no Robert Pattinson!!

  213. I definitely Think Matt Bomer is perfect for the character of Christian Grey. He has the whole package! Or potentially Ed Westwick, he has the smoldering, sexy eyes! However, I do think Matt Bomer is more fitting to Christian!

  214. Would you ever consider Matt Goss “One night with the King” (Cammie award winner) as Christian,yes a wee bit older but definitely has the eyes and matching physique, check out his portfolio on I read towards the end of the second novel, I can’t get his face out of my mind as Christian.Well woth considering cheers(like Christian not gay but P.T.S.D. screwed up from childhood) Trev.

    • I think you mean his twin brother Luke Goss…and that wee bit older is 44 years of age…just not CG in my mind…but loved the movie…love Luke…I live here in Vegas where he has a show

  215. I would chose Ian Somerhalder in a split second if it came to talent and skill, if it were not for his deep dark eyes – he just doesn’t have the right colouring but dam is he hot and he would rock that part. Matt Bomer is a good pick but they would have to lighten him up and that could lose the effect maybe. I think Scott Speedman has the whole “looks” package already. Guess it all depends on who actually wants thew part. I just think that Robert Pattinson is the absolute worst pick

  216. Matt Bomer and Alexandra Daddario!! Alexis Blendel (gilmore much for me) She looks like a child! I can´t see her playing a sub! I’ll be wondering when Lorelay will appear in the red room of pain!

  217. Matthew McConaughey and Emmy Rossum!!!!!! And I agree for Kim Cattrall as Mrs.Robinson, though she’s a bit older, than in book.

    • Matthew McConaughey??? Really??? Come on…did you even read the book? He’s blonde, for starters….He’s way too old???? Can we please get the description within the ballpark at least…2-3 years older I can see but decades…really???

  218. I hate the idea of Alexandra Daddario as Ana. Isn’t Alexandra quite tall? Ana isn’t that tall, she’s average height. And Ana is supposed to have delicate facial features. I think Alexandra, while she’s still pretty, has bolder features. I REALLY like Felicity Jones, Lucy Hale, or Lily Collins for the role. I think Lily has the physical features spot on as Ana’s described. I pick Alexander Skarsgard for Christian! I’m convinced they could make him look a few years younger.

    • Oooh I think all 3 of those ladies would be great. Lucy, Felicity or Lily. I wonder if Lily would be up for a role like that though. I think Lucy and Felicity would be able to handle it for sure.

      Alex Pettyfer for Elliot!

  219. Felicity Jones – Anastasia
    Alexander Skarsgard – Christian
    Alex Pettyfer – Elliot
    Blake Lively – Kate
    Charlize Theron – Elena (Mrs. Robinson)

  220. Gale Harold will be the perfect Christian Grey. We all know what he is capable of doing with the role. It would be fantastic to see him do such a role again, long after Queer as Folk.

  221. Whoever they cast as Ana needs to be small/petite. Felicity Jones, Lucy Hale, Lily Collins, Emilia Clarke, even Amanda Seyfried with dark hair. I think any of those ladies would fit well.

    As for Christian, I’m all over Alexander Skarsgard or Ryan Gosling!

  222. There have been SOOO many comments made about who would be the “perfect fit” for the cast of FSOG and until the parts are actually cast I am sure there will be an enormous amount of debate and speculation. But my post today is this: Do we have to keep repeating and repeating the same names over and over? I get it you really like “XYZ” or “ABC” for a certain role. But I feel like we’re just beating dead horses with sticks here people are we than un-original? Are there not any other actors and actresses out there to suggest?? Too bad this site isn’t more like Facebook with a simple “Like” button for good suggestions. Perhaps it wouldn’t be such a big deal if I didn’t a gazillion emails from this feed, or maybe it would be different if they were actually new suggestions from all of the posters, but really do we need to continually re-post the same names?? I’m Matt Bomer/Alex Skarsgard/ Ryan Gosling/Alexis Beldel and Blake Lively’d out!!! Is anyone else feeling me — or am I completely alone here??? If we are going to continue to repost the same things over and over can you at least make them worth reading, perhaps give a reason you think the actor warrants your suggestion. Sheesh!!!

  223. I agree, let’s cast (ha ha) our minds instead on say some appropriate opening/closing theme music like the original version of Tamia’s “you put a move on my heart” (on YouTube,but make sure you hear Tamia as produced by the olde maestro Quincy Jones,because there are a few not so good covers).Sit back play it quite loud,soak up the lyrics and that amazing voice and tell me honestly that you don’t imagine it coming across that beautiful wide screen with whoever you see in the title roles. Cheers Trev. S.

  224. I am sorry there is only Ian Somerhalder for Christian Grey. He totally has that intense stare going on that is so heavily portrayed in the book…. and it helps that he is gorgeous.

    • I SOOO agree!!! He is so wow lol!! I love him in vampire diaries, he does so well as Damon … He is like Christian grey in the shows in a way to me. Ian already has the dark sexy personality down pact and he he’s good at hiding his feelings for the girl that he truly loves. I hope he plays Christian. He is Christian in my eyes already! Team Ian!!! :))

    • Don’t you want to hear Christian Grey singing, “LATERS, baby, baby, baby oh! You said that you’d always be mine” once Ana leaves him? LOL This is not a rumor, it’s a practical joke! Don’t worry, the Biebs will NOT be playing Christian. :)

  225. Check out William Levy for Christian Grey and Lily Allen for Ana… Totally agree for Kim Cotrell for Mrs Lincoln! This should totally b a mini series on HBO.. A movie will just do it no justice!

    • Ugh!!! throwing up in my mouth…Don’t get me wrong…William Levy is FINE…FINE…FINE…and Lily is okay….but don’t see any chemistry…wouldn’t tune in to view him walking past her on a street, let alone waiting to see them indulge in sexual fantasy…yuk, yuk, yuk…make the characters have a connection and fit the books descriptions that’s really all I ask…CG isn’t blonde and in his 40’s like some oldheads on here keep trying to push…Ana is attractive with lots of self doubt and poor dressing skills…not waif like and plain

  226. Matt Bomer would be a PERFECT Christian Grey!!! Or Channing Tatum just because he’s beautiful. Ryan Guzman or Cam Gigandet would be a good Elliot or maybe Ethan.
    I’m so torn on Ana. She needs to be DARK haired, obviously… she needs to look innocent but also gorgeous. Emilia Clarke would be great. Mila Kunis or Rachel Mcadams are my next picks.

  227. When I read the book I really thought about Christian Bale as Christian Grey. After some thought I think I could see Alex O’Loughlin or Josh Duhamel as Christian Grey. I think that Minka Kelly would be a really good pick for Ana.

  228. I hadn’t thought about Josh Duhmel!!! But ya he would play a good Christian Grey… If you YouTube 50 shades tailors , there are a whole bunch of mock trailers with different actors. I’m torn after watching them!

  229. I vote Gerard Butler for Christian Grey. Great actor and great bod. Yum.
    Alexis Blidel as Anastasia Steele, but she will have to gain a few pounds first.

    • Wow!!! Hmmm…someone different…he’s tall, sexy…he can sing and play piano…Finally, Someone who used the brain on this one…I am mentally bowing to you Miranda…i am actually gonna read through a couple of my favorite chapters and try to picture him…interesting…looked up some google images…he’s a few years out of the age range I pictured….but you’ve definitely added a very good, fresh perspective annnddd…
      Let’s go with Jessica Szohr as his Steele….pretty hot!!! Miranda…I am about to jump on the book tonight with those two in mind…lol

  230. I think that Ryan Phillippe would make the perfect Christian Grey, given the role he played in “Cruel Intentions”, they seem almost very similar. He definitely has the ability to act in the different “shades” and has that appeal described in the books.

    • And i agree with some of the post above about Emmy Rossum playing Ana, again i think after watching her in Shameless its very easy for me to see her playing the role of Ana very well.

      • Definitely a cutie in the video! Did you hear him say, “You’re overthinking this”? Very #Fiftyesque ;)

        On Fri, Sep 21, 2012 at 9:00 AM, 50 Shades Movie Fansite wrote:

        > ** > Jess commented: “And i agree with some of the post above about Emmy > Rossum playing Ana, again i think after watching her in Shameless its very > easy for me to see her playing the role of Ana very well.” >

  231. Why is erver one hooked on Matt Bomer His eyes are sinster Ana would never comtemplate going or doing anything if he looked that sinster who would nad his is to old and gay and yes when you fantasise about CG his cannot be gay in real life it just don’t work I personally think they will go with an unknown for both parts let face it its already so popular and doesn’t need the pull of the famaus

    • Angelina is a brunette, elena is blonde…Ana would probably never have been thought of if Elena were a brunette…especially if she were Angelina, lol

  232. CHARLIE HUNNAM…CHARLIE HUNNAM…CHARLIE HUNNAM…he is one extrodinary underrated actor that can bring a character to life. He has both the bad boy/good guy attitude (similar to his character Jax on S.O.A) and he is SUPER SEXY!! He has the bad boy thing down pact, and at the same time can be affectionate and romantic!!!!

  233. Christian Grey + Charlie Hunnam or Ian Somerhalder
    Ana = Emma Stone or Alexis Bledel
    Mrs R = Charlize Theron or Robin Wright or Gisele Bundchen or Olivia Wilde
    Kate = BLAKE LIVELY!! or Amanda Seyfried
    Ethan = Chris Hemsworth
    Jose = Michael Trevino
    Elliot = Chris Evans
    Mia = Zoe Deschanel

    • He’s very cute!!! He’s way too old and way too blonde…But let’s get him in another sexy biopic where he’s showing his diversity..

      • hair can be dyed… as often done in the movies smh lol…. and he doesnt look too old for the part… Christian is an overworked, very mature and disciplined 27 year old not Ross Lynch in a suit smh… appearance is the key as is acting ability. Matt Brohmer is NO C.G. thats for sure!! as for Steve, google steve burton shirtless and u will see a few pics