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Film still from the never-before-seen FIFTY SHADES DARKER TEASE, available exclusively on the upcoming release of FIFTY SHADES OF GREY on Digital HD on Friday, 5/1 and on Blu-ray on Friday, 5/8.  FIFTY SHADES DARKER arrives in theaters February 2017!


Photo Credit: Courtesy of Universal Pictures Home Entertainment

The most talked about movie of the year FIFTY SHADES OF GREY, starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan, arrives on Digital HD Friday, May 1st and on Blu-ray™ Friday, May 8th from Universal Pictures Home Entertainment.   The release features more than two hours of bonus content including an exclusive tease of FIFTY SHADES DARKER, an Unrated Edition of the film and an Alternate Ending.


Check out the exclusive new FIFTY SHADES OF GREY home entertainment trailer with never-before-seen interviews with Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter here, E L James’s husband Niall Leonard is set to  adapt FIFTY SHADES DARKER for the big screen. As long-time fans know, he was her beta when the story was fanfiction. They have always made a great team, and we’re thrilled to welcome him to Team Fifty in this official capacity!

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#OFFICIALFIFTY Announces Fifty Shades of Grey DVD International Release Dates. Curious?




21-May Australia
10-Jun Benelux (Belgium Netherlands Luxembourg)
9-Jun Brazil
18-Jun France
18-Jun GAS (Germany, Austria, Switzerland)
27-May Italy
8-Jul Japan
12-Jun Mexico
6-Jun New Zealand
15-Jun Nordic
21-May Russia
12-Jun Spain
22-Jun UK

With the May 1, 2015, US DVD release date of the sweet and steamy Fifty Shades of Grey right around the corner, we’re getting ready with our own version of sweet and steamy thanks to Official Fifty.

Viewing Pleasure

*raises our teacups*
Here’s to unrated viewing pleasure!

Fifty Shades of Grey Featurette: “A Look Inside”

Enjoy this video that features Behind the Scenes of the story with interviews with Sam Taylor-Johnson, Dakota Johnson, and Jamie Dornan.

Warning: Spoilers!

“A Look Inside”

credit:  Universal Studios

Another video featuring cast interviews with even more spoilers! :) Worth watching!

And lastly, this video gives insight to how Ana is portrayed and transforms throughout the movie. [Spoilers!]

Hope you love the insider look as much as we do!

Movie Clips: Spoiled or Spoilers?

The Today Show is treating us or “spoiling us” to clips from the movie! If you can’t get enough, then dive in! If you are saving yourself for the movie, then skip these for now but come back and enjoy them after you’ve seen the movie!

The Interview…

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The Fancy Seeing You Here…

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The I Don’t Do Romance Declaration…

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The Roommate Confession…

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The Mom Meet-n-Greet…

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Things seem very close to the book with some beautiful add-ons!
What do you think so far?

#OfficialFifty Ticket Giveaway to Fifty Shades First on Today

As promised, today we are offering a fabulous giveaway!

Would you like to enter to win 2 tickets to the Today First Event to see Fifty Shades of Grey on February 6th in New York City? Cast and filmmakers will be there!

TODAY 50 Shades of Grey

All you have to do is leave a comment on THIS blog post telling us you would like to be entered and tell us which cast member or filmmaker you most hope to see at this event should you win.

Here are the details:

The Fifty Shades First on TODAY event is scheduled to begin on or around 7:30 AM on February 6, 2015 at the Ziegfeld Theatre, 141 West 54th Street, New York, NY 10019.

Here are the official terms and conditions to entering: 

  • Winner and their guest must be 18 years or older.
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Please keep in mind:

We know this is short notice! The contest will end tonight at 12-midnight PST (Pacific Standard Time). The winner will be chosen randomly and notified tomorrow, Saturday morning BY EMAIL. We will need to hear back from the winner by Sunday morning in order to provide #OfficialFifty with the winner’s full name, age, and email address. If we do not hear from the first-chosen Winner by Sunday 12 noon EST (Eastern Standard Time), then the ticket offer defaults and tickets will be offered to another fan.

This contest is being offered by #OfficialFifty to fans via our blog (we’re the go-between for you guys!) and via other #OfficialFifty sites. Once we have collected the Winner’s information, it will be provided to #OfficialFifty.

Please consider all of the above terms & conditions prior to entering the contest!

Good Luck Fifty Shades of Grey Fans!!

Update: Only one entry per email address was used. The winner was chosen randomly and notified. Thank you to all who entered! :)

Spotlight on Director Sam Taylor-Johnson

Based on what we’ve seen so far in terms of the trailers (including this latest one below as an example) we have no doubt that Sam Taylor-Johnson was the right woman for the job of director!

She gets it. Speaking to Red Magazine:

 “I felt like I had a responsibility to empower the lead character,” Taylor-Johnson said. “Anastasia had to go on a journey of sexual exploration, but, by the end, it had to be about empowerment. It is all her choice. All decisions, she’s clearly made.”

Those of us who are fans know how important this is because we don’t see Anastasia as a victim. She’s a participant of her own free will. You can read Red Magazine’s (@RedMagDaily) complete article here!

And as if directing and editing the movie wasn’t a big enough task, she recently directed the video for The Weeknd’s single, “Earned It” off the movie’s soundtrack, posting this picture to her Instagram account.


Watching this Behind the Scenes video gives us just a little bit more insight into the director.

By her own admission, she’s obsessed, which translates to us as a very good thing–that she’s tuned in to everything this movie needs in order to deliver to the fans!

Fifty Shades Insight in February’s 2015 Issue of Details Magazine

What an amazing article FSoG fans can look forward to reading in the February 2015 issue of Details Magazine! Much insight is revealed about the movie from producer Michael DeLuca and director, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Oh, and in the tradition of Details Magazine…it probably includes some gorgeous pictures and behind-the-scenes video of our leading man, Jamie Dornan. ;) He describes the ups and downs to his particular process of auditioning for the role of Christian Grey.


So the article asks if Jamie can dominate Hollywood. Fans aren’t worried about all of Hollywood — we are just looking for him to bring the character of Christian Grey to life in a way that does justice to our love for the story!

Enjoy this excerpt:

The classy and sophisticated Taylor-Johnson was drawn to this very mass-market project by the balance of power between Steele and Grey. “I’d not seen a love story as complex, or with sex as complex,” she says. “You feel you’re in his world, then slowly it’s revealed that you’re in hers. To be able to flip this tale, without the woman becoming a victim, was something I felt strongly about.”
This is Taylor-Johnson’s second feature (after 2009’s Nowhere Boy, a biopic about the young John Lennon), and by the time it opens, she will have worked on it for close to two years; the editing alone has taken more than nine months.
The biggest challenge involved the calibration of sex. “There’s so much of it!” Taylor-Johnson says with a laugh. “The difficult part has been to give each sex scene its own identity and character, so that the first is incredibly different from the last—and to try and do it in a way that feels powerful, not just salacious.” Equally concerning was the balance of nudity, which is plentiful; Taylor-Johnson was committed to making sure that both stars were naked an equal amount—without “feeling that just she is objectified or just he is.”
We’ve always felt our cherished love story was in good hands with the director — her words here are only further reassuring!
You can read more & see more pictures here via for now, but let’s not hesitate to pick up this issue once it hits newsstands/stores or maybe you’ll be lucky enough to already have a subscription to Details magazine, in which case, Mr. Grey will be showing up at your door to see you very soon!