60 thoughts on “Movie Rights

  1. Can’t wait to see this put into a movie!!!! i’m going thru w/d now, cause i finished 3rd book and am ready to re-read all 3 all over again!! Please cast Ian Somerhalder as Christian Grey!! It’ll be yet another BEST DECISION you’ve all made, beside E.L. James writting the books & Univeral picking it up!!! lets make Ian Somerhalder the 3rd best decision in this process. He’s known but NOT well known and “HE” HAS EXPRESSED ON TWITTER AND TALK SHOWS AND RADIO INTERVIEWS. WHEN ASKED THAT HE DEFINATLEY WOULD LIKE TO DO IT!! I can picture him now with his grey tie….

  2. Alexander Skarsgard as Christian Grey. He potrayed the bad boy and also he played a person who wasn’t strong on True Blood.

  3. As someone who knows Steven Gantt personally and has read the books, he IS the real life Mr Grey…the people casting this movie would have the perfect actor for this role if they cast him…he wouldn’t even have to act, this role is a natural fit for him…perfect for bringing press to the role too! Casting directors would miss out if they didn’t check out Steven! ;)

    • I agree.I also know Steven personally and I concur that he has the perfect look (VERY) tall, very attractive,very well dressed,a fantastic physique PLUS he is a relative unknown and I think that is important here.There is a vulnerability to Steven that I think most can see,and I think he can play the emotionally damaged character better than anyone.I love Ian somerhalder but he is just NOT tall enough and doesnt have the body.This movie needs a newcomer IMO

  4. no way Ian Somerhalder all the way Steven Gantt doesnt fit the look as well as Ian and plus Ian does the whole scowly thing so well just watch one episode of the Vampire Diaries

    • I completely agree!!! Ian portrays the look and they smiles/facial expressions described in the book so well already.. I can picture him already as Christian… Please please please pick Ian for Christian it would be the best decision ever!!!

    • Colin? I could see it, but Ian I would much rather see that.. Steven; NO WAY!! I’m also contemplating between Ian and Alex Pettyfer.. If you saw him in “Beastly”, you know he could pull off the CEO Christian without a hitch.. and mhmm not entirely terrible on the eyes.

      • I cannot see Ian as the vulnerable and wounded soul that Anna see’s and is trying to comfort.. Alex though, could definitely imagine him being that exposed and emotional (as he was in Beastly). This story has so much hype and expectation surrounding it, anyone else linger at the idea that maybe they should select unknown actors ??

  5. —- AHEM; Matt Bomer is the way to go for christian <3 he's the WHOLE package :) though he is a homosexual; it doesn't matter; he will still be able to play christian ! MATT BOMER is the ideal CHRISTIAN ! ! :D

  6. oh yes please make a film and make christian as good looking sexy hot all the things he is in my head………. but would the film be the same and as good as the book??????? im thinking not as it would be like porn………….

  7. I dont know how many times I have written this but I will scream it from the mountain tops if I have to. Chris Hemsworth for Christian!!!!!!
    And for Ana, anyone but freaking Kristen Stewart!!! She is so boring and would not do the role any justice.

  8. I’m looking foward to the film but would like it to be casted with unknown actors as flooding it with a listers would be a real disappointment we need fresh actors who are
    Unknown just like ana and Christian were to us that’s what makes them so believable and inviting no a listers please

  9. Armie Hammer or William Levy (without the accent) for Christen Grey. I think it’s so important to not to stray from the way Christen was portrayed in the book. These two actors I believe would be so perfect. Very sexy and have that mysterious trait that is key to Christen’s character. For the role of Ana, anyone but Kristen Stewart. She would be the last one I would like to see play this part. It would actually ruin the film for me. Alexis Bledel or Anna Kendrick would be better suited to star as Ana. They have the more innocent and meet the physical description of Ana.

  10. Ok i think I have found the perfect Ana.
    Emmy Rossum, from the US version of Shameless. She is gorgeous, but not obviously so.
    Or Alexis Bledel, from Gilmore Girls, she too not obviously gorgeous but is, iykwim.

  11. Ok I have just read an article on Ryan Gosling and I am now in 2 minds about who should play Christian. He has the eyes and the hair and he looks gorgeous in a suit.

  12. Absolutely loved the books! Ryan Gosling has to play Christian Grey! Got to admit, when reading the books, i could only picture Kristen Stewart as Ana.

  13. Wentworth Miller as Christian Grey. He looks good in a suite, is an amazing actor. As seen in prison break he was mysterious, complex, highly intelligent, but could melt any girls heart with his amazing lips and gorgeous self. He just needs to grow out his hair a bit and would be the perfect Christian Grey. And in the book it says Elena was a hot blonde just older, idk why people are trying to cast her as an ugly character. Im thinking like cameron diaz.

  14. Being 18 i instantly think of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart to play the roles of Ana and Christian! But after looking around on the internet and I honestly think the Alex Pettyfer would be a great Christian or Channing Tatum or Henry Cavill, yummy! Although Channing Tatum would be wonderful as Elliot! And Taylor Launter as Jose! For Ana I can see Ashley Greene doing a great job at it! Or Mila Kunis they are both gorgeous! or even Michelle Tratchenberg! For Mrs. Robinson i saw Charlize Theron! and for Kate i saw Emma Stone because she is just amazing! Cant quite decide on the other characters! Books are amazing :D

  15. The nation should be able to vote for who they would like and obviously the most voted actor and actress wins !!!!!

  16. I don’t believe that Universal can do justice to the 3 books without an X rating. If the edit the books of the true idea, the movie will fall flat. A mini series on cable is much more suited for the topic. Look at the series on HBO and Showtime. It’s a much better fit on cable.

  17. I read all the three books and I am currently re-reading the first one and I DEFINITELY think that Emilia Clarke would be PERFECT for the role because
    1) She’s in game of thrones (which we all know is pretty sexual at times) so I think she would be really easy to work with when shooting the more dirty scenes since she’s used to it.
    2) Her appearance is exactly what ana looks like. She can be sexy and hot at times but she also has a natural glow and beauty without too much make-up. And don’t forget the brown hair and blue eyes
    3) I think she would work really well with the other cast members because I see her behind the scenes videos for game of thrones and she looks really nice.

    I think she would be the best for the role of ana :)


  19. I’d like to recommend casting Hunter Parrish of Weeds as Christian Grey. Check out Season 8, one episode is reminsiscent of 50 shades.

  20. Ugh Joseph Morgan would be PERFECT! He can pull of the cold, and reserved part of Christian as well as the in control and in charge CEO but he has a soft spot where you feel bad for him and want to help him. He would of course have to work around the accent… But it would be worth it :D

  21. Okay, Here is something everyone seems to be forgetting when picking their favorites…

    Christian is fair haired. These ebony wonders will simply not work, and coloring their hair is out, as it would just not be right to be fake.

    Secondly… Christian is not a teenage boy. These Tweeners won’t work. He cannot, I repeat CANNOT be a little boy. We all know that.

    No to Ryan Gosling, No to Matt Bomer. Yes Yes Yes to Chris Hemsworth. Big, Bulky, Cut, (Yes he has to be!) And he could see straight trough you with those eyes.

    Now for Ana,

    Young, beautiful, without being in your face about it (therefor no Mia).
    Emilia Clarke – would so be perfect…

  22. Stephen Amell from Arrow, he will be a GREAT CHRISTIAN GREY!!… he has been a rich sexy though guy alredy and he does it great….

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