Spotlight on Director Sam Taylor-Johnson

Based on what we’ve seen so far in terms of the trailers (including this latest one below as an example) we have no doubt that Sam Taylor-Johnson was the right woman for the job of director!

She gets it. Speaking to Red Magazine:

 “I felt like I had a responsibility to empower the lead character,” Taylor-Johnson said. “Anastasia had to go on a journey of sexual exploration, but, by the end, it had to be about empowerment. It is all her choice. All decisions, she’s clearly made.”

Those of us who are fans know how important this is because we don’t see Anastasia as a victim. She’s a participant of her own free will. You can read Red Magazine’s (@RedMagDaily) complete article here!

And as if directing and editing the movie wasn’t a big enough task, she recently directed the video for The Weeknd’s single, “Earned It” off the movie’s soundtrack, posting this picture to her Instagram account.


Watching this Behind the Scenes video gives us just a little bit more insight into the director.

By her own admission, she’s obsessed, which translates to us as a very good thing–that she’s tuned in to everything this movie needs in order to deliver to the fans!

The Music of Fifty Shades of Grey So Far…

While we wait for the complete soundtrack to the Fifty Shades of Grey movie to be released, we thought we’d highlight what we know to expect on it so far! We are big fans of having great music to accompany and associate with great scenes in movies so we will be looking forward to finding out where and how each of the soundtrack songs are used to accent our favorite parts of the movie!

We definitely are looking forward to Beyonce’s slowed down version of ¨Crazy in Love¨ as well as a FSoG-tailored version of ¨Haunted.¨  How lucky of Queen B to have been part of this movie!

The Weeknd ¨Earned It¨

The official video features Dakota Johnson and was directed by the movie’s director, Sam Taylor-Johnson.

Boy Epic ¨50 Shades¨

Listen here:

Ellie Goulding ¨Love Me Like You Do¨

The singles are being played on the radio and available to be purchased individually. We will let you know when the complete album is released or available for pre-order! In the meantime, are you following The official site has a wonderful mix of music, pictures, and direct movie quotes that if allowed to play on a loop in the background is a bit addictive!

UPDATE: You can find the official listing of the soundtrack music here!

Tickets are on sale. Have you ordered your tickets yet?