E L James Discusses New Fifty Shades of KappAhl Collection

The author recently flew to Stockholm, Sweden, to attend a fashion show debuting her new design collaboration with KappAhl. You can check her Twitter timeline, if you haven’t already, for a few pictures she took while at the event.

Fifty Shades of KappAhl is “a glamorous lingerie collection that exudes style and sensuality. The collection is full of references to the book, and the initiated reader will see clues to the book’s characters, Christian Grey and Anastasia.”

E L James had this to say about her unique design collaboration experience. “It’s incredibly exciting and interesting to be involved in the process, from the production of the concept through the design to the final collection. I have been deeply involved at all stages, and my thoughts and suggestions are clearly visible in the collection’s garments.”

According to Carina Ladow, Vice President Range and Design, Kappahl, this is the first time KappAhl has been involved in a collaboration of this kind. “It gives us an opportunity to offer our customers a feeling of luxury and frivolity in their everyday lives. The end result is better than we could have ever hoped and we are very happy with the enthusiasm and
commitment shown by E L James. We are now awaiting with interest the response from our customers.”

Fifty Shades of KappAhl, which is designed to fit women of all shapes and sizes, is a complete underwear collection (bras, briefs, negligée, and stay-ups), as well as a range of accessories “designed with inspiration from some of the books’ most significant symbols, such as a silver-grey tie, a key necklace and an elegant eye mask in black lace.”

Source: KaapAhl Official Press Release (here)

Unfortunately, Fifty Shades of KaapAhl is currently only available internationally. You can view the entire collection online, as well as watch a behind-the-scenes video, here.

The author was interviewed by Expressen TV after the fashion show, and you can watch the video here. The author’s segment starts around the 3:35 mark. Just in case you’re unable to watch the video, we’ve transcribed the interview for you.

Q: So I’m standing here with the famous author E L James. Tell me. How come you started this collaboration with KaapAhl?

A: Well, when all of this sort of kicked off, I had various people come to me saying, “We’d like to do some things with you centered around Fifty Shades of Grey.” KaapAHL came en masse to see me in London, and they came with some beautiful designs. And I just thought, well, why not? They’re sexy. They’re classy. They’re elegant. And I think you can attest to that having seen the end result here.

Q: Did you know about KaapAhl before?

A: No, I didn’t to be honest because I’ve only ever been to Sweden once before and only to Finland once to find Father Christmas with my children. That was my experience of Scandinavia. So I didn’t know, but I do know about them now.

Q: Well, now you’re a world-famous author. You wrote the trilogy Fifty Shades. Can you tell us a little bit about that, the people that haven’t read the books.

A: The books are basically… It’s a passionate love story about two people who you don’t know if they should be together or not, and that’s fundamentally what it’s about.

Q: But you’ve also received some criticism…. What do you think about that?

A: I think I wrote the books for myself. Criticism comes to everybody who’s successful. I think because I’d written them for myself, I was happy with it. It was my fantasy, and lots of people have now read it. I’ve sold over 90 million books, so I kind of go with that rather than the criticism.

Q: Do you think that the books have increased gender roles and so forth?

A: I think that’s for the media to speculate, not for me. I just wrote a story. How people choose to receive it is up to them.

Q: For this design collaboration, you wanted the model to be a plus-size model and not to be so young. Why was that?

A: Well, I think the books appeal to women of all ages, from students right up to women in their 90’s, and it’s important to represent all women. It’s something that is quite close to my heart, so hence this collaboration.

Q: What are your plans for now? Are you going to write more books?

A: I’d like to sleep. I think that’s the thing I want to do more than anything is sleep for a while. But I’m getting on a plane and going back to LA tomorrow, so that’s my plans for the moment.

Q: More designs? Because you were actually a part of the design collaboration, designing the underwear.

A: Well, it depends if the right thing comes along. We’ll have to wait and see.

Q: So what are you going to do tonight then?

A: Tonight, I’m going to say hello to a few people and then I’m going to go to sleep. Sleep is the most important thing for me at the moment. [laughs]

Q: One last question because in the book, there’s a lot of this BDSM sex. What do you think? Have you created a trend? Do you think that this will be normal in society?

A: As I said, this is my fantasy. What people choose to do with it is up to them, and what the media choose to speculate is up to them as well. And that’s all I’ve got to say about that.

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