Valentine’s Giveaway From E L James: Signed USA Hardback Editions

FS Trilogy HC

Photo Courtesy of E L James Author Website

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Good luck!

6 thoughts on “Valentine’s Giveaway From E L James: Signed USA Hardback Editions

  1. Best scene is when Elena AKA Mrs. Robinson cornered Ana in the study on Christians birthday and Ana stood her ground and threw the lemon martini all over Elenas Face ( I WAS LAUGHING AND APPLAUDING ANA) and Christian storming in and confronting Elena, FINALLY realising that what she did to him when he was a boy was wrong and not out of love. I read this and i was like THANK THE POPE HE’S COME TO HIS SENSES! So him grasping this and relising Ana on the other hand DOES love him.. #MrAndMrsGrey

  2. The best scene is when Christian finally told Ana he loved her the first time. That was so sweet and innocent . He was so scared to say the words and admit he truely loves her.

  3. I have many favorite scenes, but if I had to pick only one, I think it would be when Ana and Christian are in the shower at the Fairmont Olympic Hotel, she tells him that she knows how he feels about her — he loves her — and he says, “Yes, I do.” He finally admits it to her, and to himself, and that changes everything. It gets me every time.

  4. My favorite scene is when the family is waiting to hear about Christian when Charlie Tango goes missing. Just the fact that so many people care for a man who thinks he is so unloveable is amazing.

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