Hardcover Collector’s Edition of Fifty Shades Trilogy Being Released in U.S.

Time to start dropping hints to your significant other! The hardcovers will be available just in time for Valentine’s Day ;)

From USA Today:

On Jan. 29, Doubleday will release 200,000 copies of Fifty Shades of GreyFifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed in hardback for $26.95 each. There also will be a shrink-wrapped set of the three books for $80.85.

Why the new format? “As interest in the Fifty Shades trilogy has grown, readers have been asking for hardcover editions of the books,” says James’ publisher Anne Messitte in an e-mail. “These new hardcovers include unique production elements, making them the ultimate collector’s editions for readers of the trilogy.”

Photo: Jack Gruber, USA TODAY

We think the jacket covers are beautiful and love the special bonus features:

  • red silk ribbon attached for use as bookmark
  • author’s signature, “Laters Baby, E.L. James X,” embossed in silver

As all good fans know, there’s just something exciting about being able to add to your collection!


The hardcovers are now available for preorder on Amazon. Go here.

Source: Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy Facebook Page

12 thoughts on “Hardcover Collector’s Edition of Fifty Shades Trilogy Being Released in U.S.

  1. Make sure you let us know where to get them. I just looked for them on Amazon and didn’t find them. Only 200K (at least first print which is what I’d want ;)) Please!

  2. This information is for anyone that would like to add to their 50 Shades collection. If you go to Amazon.co.uk and order the limited edition hardcover from there you get an amazing looking book. No paper cover, it is almost fabric like and it’s printed with silver ink and the ribbon bookmark is blue/grey almost like the tie! I live in Toronto, Canada and I ordered my copies back in September 2012 and they arrived in perfect condition by October 20th Just wanted to share that with all the 50 fans out there. :)

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