E L James Asks Fans Who They Want To Play Christian Grey

She’s either very brave . . . or her Twitter account was hacked into ;D

E L JamesE L James ‏@E_L_James

So… who do you want to play Christian Grey in the movie?

Here’s your chance to tell the author herself who your favorite for the role is! Just find the Tweet in her Twitter timeline and reply if you haven’t already.

111 thoughts on “E L James Asks Fans Who They Want To Play Christian Grey

    • Definitely. Matt Bomer is the best choice, born to play this role!!! Just look at the youtube`s favorite unofficial shadey of grey trailer and also the special homepage for matt bomer and alexis bleder!

      • Matt Bomer is a great Actor who cares if he is gay. That’s like saying that Sean Penn shouldn’t have taken the role of Harvey Milk because he isn’t gay. Come on!!!!!

  1. Matt Bomer without a doubt !dark wavy hair ice blue eyes drop dead gorgeous naked or in suit. hes also a great actor watch white collar.!!
    he cud play the mature he emotional stuff ,the fifty shades fkd up and still hav u in luv with him. hes a guy who walks in a room and women drool. in real life he may be homosexual maybe not but hes such good actor no one would no or care. i cant imagine another christian and lets remember he millionare or bill under 30 thats a lot for young actor to pull off and robert pattison.. every girls gonna be calling him edward and looking for bella…yuk. too soon rob. sorry. and matts got the body and that edge. if Christian and Ana not oerfect the movie has no chance and they gotta hav onscreen chemistry . i hope it isnt someone from twilight or hungergames someone who is unexpected who will make this movie their own. listen up mrs James. average reader not twenty yrs old …we are tired of twighlight. dont get me wrong likd movie . loved hungergames but pick new couple. i could see alexis bledsoe even ginnifer goodwin as Ana. Natalie portman if little youngr and less exposed.

  2. I would rather see Robert Pattinson play this role verses anyone! Long before it was “Fifty Shades of Grey” it was published by a fanfic author and known as “Master Of The Universe”. The characters in it was names from the Twilight Saga and watching this movie without atleast Robert in it, would be hard for me to enjoy, as it would many of my friends that read the fanfic story. So PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEEEEEASE make an attempt to give Robert a opportunity to play this role!

  3. As an MOTU & ICY fan of course I say Robert Pattinson. The book was literally written about him, his body, and, of course, his hair! ALL of the Icy fans will be utterly disappointed if Rob doesn’t get the role! She pictured Rob while writing the book. So how in the heck is she gonna picture the movie without him??

    Matt Boomer, although hot, should not get the role. It’s hard to actually more or less “fantasize” about a man being with a woman. When you know for a fact that they’re gay! Complete insanity!

    ROBERT PATTINSON was the original Fifty. He should be the ONLY Fifty!!! Point blank. She wasn’t thinking about Matt, Henry, Ian, or Gosling while writing. NO! She was thinking about the GORGEOUS, MANLY, AND LUSTFUL ROBERT PATTINSON.

    BTW, Rob is a wonderful actor…that is..if you’ve ever bothered watching any other movie that’s not Twilight.

  4. Ian Somerhalder is a definite Christian Grey hands down. Ian is how I pictured Christian upon reading the books 3 times now. Before I never even knew who Ian Somerhalder was until his pic started showing on the internet and the minute I seen it I knew Ian was hands down Christian Grey!!!!

  5. *slaps forehead* Raeline is so right! Im a huge fan of suits, why I didn’t think of gabriel right away is beyond me…probably cause the rumor of ian somerhalder being cast is all over the internet and he would be an excellent choice, however, watch one episode of suits and the correllation between harvey and christian would hit you right between the eyes

  6. Rob would be great an obvious choice as this is who most of us envisioned as we read the original story one chapter at a time. While I love Rob, I’m not sure his body type would be what I imagine Christian’s to be. Ian Somerhalder not only has the eyes, but the attitude, body and looks. He’s a tad shorter than some other contenders, but the magic of Hollywood could fix that.

    Henry Cavill is also an excellent candidate and if we can’t have Rob, well, this gorgeous Brit could certainly warm up many theater seats! Henry Cavill has a beautiful face, eye color and is strikingIy handsome. And that body….well, it’s just gorgeous and very manly!

    I love Matt Bomer, but for goodness sakes, the man is openly gay, a father to three children with his partner. That reality would totally put a dent in my Christian Gray fantasy. The success of this movie, and it’s follow up films(?), will certainly depend on how believable the character is. We ladies need our fantasies, and it goes without saying, the dollars we put behind them carry a great deal of weight at the box office. The more credible, the better.

    Love you, Icy, for always thinking of us. Thank you for allowing us this opportunity. No matter who you pick, I’ll always be a fan of your pen.

  7. GABRIEL MACHT! Hands down!! His character on The Suits fits Christians character like a glove… I don’t know why he hasn’t even been mentioned in the running for the role :(

  8. Matt Bomer is the only man to play Christian, all you have to do is watch him on White Collar and you would think it was CG…his features are perfect, chisled jaw, gorgeous hair with auburn highlights, grey eyes and nobody, I mean NOBODY wears a suit as well as Matt and he is amazing at all the facial expressions he makes. Matt is so talented and I think it’s about time to let his talent shine as a lead in a movie particularly as Christian Grey, he would be truly fabulous

  9. Did no one think of Jonathan Rys Meyers? He is hot hot hot hot and could make one mighty fine mercurial megalomaniac Christian Grey…

  10. All I know is they have their work cut out for them there is alot of great great great potential Christians!!!!! Whomever get the part has his work cut out too because he has alot to live up to.

  11. I would like Robert Pattison to play fifty shades he fits the description she writes about him eyes hair designer stubble age long fingers no one else could do it mat bonner and Ian somerhald we are bothe to old .

  12. Ian Somerhalder for sure. He is amazing, sexy and mysterious. Christian grey is a lot like ians character in vampire diaries, mysterious, fun, can be caring but dangerouse. Woman love him and men want to be him! He is also VERY sexy at doing bedroom schenes!

  13. I think Ian should be christian grey as in my mind he is what I imagine him to be…for ana it should be either alexis Beldel or Zooey deschanel? X

  14. I personally think Alexander Skarsguard would be perfect, he is tall, amazing body … I don’t know how any of you don’t see it. Robert I can NOT picture as christian. No.

  15. From the moment I started reading the first book I could only see one person in my head before I even heard talk about a movie, & that is Chase Crawford. at is still who I picture & I cannot see anyone else as him. No one would be as perfect as him. Think Gossip Girl. He’s young, he can have grey eyes, sandy hair that you can run your fingers through, rich, successful, well mannered, & extremely sexy. Nobody has eyes as sexy as him. Nobody is as gorgeous as him. I don’t feel like the other men who people have talked about playing him are as good for the role & I don’t feel like I would enjoy the movie as much. Also, I think Ashley Greene from Twilight would be perfect for Ana once you dress her down. Thank you!! I know lots of people who agree with me. Picture him in his nice suits he’s always wearing in Gossip Girl!

  16. I know matt bomer is the right christian grey ! He has everything a christian grey has to have. Eyes, hair, face,body and he is damn handsome. Also he is a great actor what you can see in white collar. his move and behaviour is just like christians. I read the books and then saw matt and thought like: omg this is it!!
    So for me, there is no other man!

    • I agree! when I first read the first book and they way Christian Grey is described by the author the image that came to my mind was Matt Bomer!!!! He is definitely Christian Grey!!!!! Love him!!!!!

  17. To throw out a different name Tom Hiddleston. I think he could play the personality. He’s shown his evil, sly side as Loki and he has a great smile so I think he could do Playful Fifty well. The big thing for me is that Ian and Matt are not tall enough for my picture of Christian. Tom H. would have to buff up a bit but honestly the way Ana is always going off about ‘he’s really strong’ I think Christian doesn’t look strong, he just is. The reason I think he’s perfect is his unruly hair! Tom has perfect Fifty hair.

  18. E.L james this is my first time doing this . I dont know how to tweet & i probably wont remember my password or how to do this again but i want to suggest an actor as Christian his name STEPHEN AMELL SO HOT SO NEW ON TV SERIES ARROW i i be honest i haven’t read ur book hear enough to fantasize his face & look / STEPHEN AMELL reminds me of ur character check him out

    Shades but i

  19. My choices for Ana are Bella Heathcote, Felicity Jones, Emma Watson, Emma Roberts, Alexandra Daddario and Rooney Mara. For Christian my choice is Henry Cavill,

  20. I Love matt.bomer too regardless that he Is gay. But i dont see him as someone who dominates women and growling and doing all the the kinky effery.. He’s more of a boytoy type of guy.. Submissive kind :)

  21. Nip/Tuck & Charmed star Julian McMahon!! I don’t care that he’s in his early fourties! He’s BEAUTIFUL and fits Christian Grey so well, character and looks! And besides, with his age, Hollywood can sort that out ;) X

  22. Matt Bomer was definitely born to play the role of Christian Grey. He is a great actor and that’s all that’s important. I don’t care if he is gay, he’s an actor for crying out loud and he can certainly portrait Christian Grey better than anyone else. Just look at him…he’s the perfect Christian Grey. Matt Bomer 100%

  23. Any man hotter than rob pitiful…no freaking way…eric (I can’t spell his real name sorry) from true blood or ian somerhalder…I refuse to watch anything with rob in it any longer …edward was a wrong role for him simply because facial features/body type didn’t match….please

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