50 Shades of Grey Documentary

In this nearly hour-long British documentary from Channel 4 – 4oD, you’ll find something for everyone, regardless of which side of the RRoP door you’re standing on. Woven throughout the video are RRoP scene reenactments beautifully shot in black and white, featuring actors Edward Lewis French as Christian Grey and Rosie Violet Wiseas Anastasia Steele.

Below are a few highlights that we transcribed for you.

David Quantick, Writer: “The amazing thing about these books, which is sort of played down, which I think is wrong, is they’ve come out of fan adoration. They’ve come out of the internet. They’ve come out of this big morass of supposed lack of talent and lack of imagination. It’s a fantastic leap of imagination to go from reading someone else’s books to creating a completely different world.”

Jonny Geller, Literary Agent—Curtis Brown: “They probably should just change the shout [tag] line to, ‘This book will change your wife.’”

Rowan Pelling, Columnist (Former Editor—Erotic Review): “People very often go, ‘I don’t like that vulgar terminology,’ just meaning, you know, a medical term for a body part. And it’s funny how confused we still are about sex. And I think what’s unintentionally clever here is that for the readership, vastly female, she’s made it ok by sort of taking out all of the scary language.”

Geller: “Famously, there is a [Literary Review’s] bad sex [in fiction] award because it is so difficult to write sex well in books. But as many authors will point to the classic novelists, sex is not about writing the act. It’s about the feeling. It’s about the tension. It’s about the erotic, which is not necessarily the stated.”

Professor John Sutherland, UCL: “One of the things that E L James does terribly well is gradually turn up the sexual pressure. Now, it’s very hard to do. Pornography usually…makes the mistake of cutting to the chase too soon, but she doesn’t.”

Kathy Lette, Writer: “He’s spending so much time on her body. He worships her body…every inch of her body he kisses and caresses and strokes and titillates; and so it’s really about just being the center of his erotic, you know, fancy. And we all crave that. I mean, that’s what women want. So if men learn anything from this book at all, it’s, you know, ‘Worship me, darling.’” So who do some of the participants of the documentary think should play the pivotal role of Christian Grey?

  • Michael Fassbender – “That makes sense on one level because we already know from the movie that he did called Shame that he is quite well endowed.”
  • Christian Bale – “He’s quite attractive with a little hint of evil, isn’t he?”
  • Ryan Gosling – “Guys really like Ryan Gosling, and he could make him [Christian Grey] cool for men.”

There are several topics covered in the documentary, including the author’s use of brand names and music. As we know, brands like Apple, Audi, BlackBerry, and Bollinger are now synonymous with the trilogy; and Fifty’s iPod playlist helped immerse us even deeper into his world.

Set to the backdrop of the infamous song Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon, narrator Miranda Richards states, “E L James’s eye for detail doesn’t stop with the phone, the car, or the wine. Christian sets Ana’s spin cycle off to a soundtrack of everything from Kings of Leon to the sixteenth century…Thomas Tallis.”

Sex On Fire by Kings of Leon

Writers are admittedly envious of E L James’s quick rise to fame and fortune. Perhaps they should also be envious of the relationship she has forged with her fans through social media and book signing appearances. (A/N: For a list of upcoming book signings, click on the tab at the top of our site.)

As fans of the author since its humble beginnings as Twilight fanfiction, we can tell you that she has changed very little, continuing to be both approachable and appreciative. Armed with a warm and ready wit, you can find her most days trying to maintain that connection via Twitter at @E_L_James.

11 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey Documentary

  1. I just dont know how to comment on the vid. Why cant people just take FSoG as a great hot and sexy love story. Its fiction and if some want to act out something from it, who cares.

  2. I watched the documentary when it was first aired here on Channel 4 :-P and the thing that really stuck with me were the black and white shots of the couple. Call me a perv, if you will, but I somehow hope that the movie will use that kind of imagery – it was sensual – just the way E.L. wrote the books.

    I love the parts you’ve transcribed :-)

    CC x

  3. Bdsm if found all over the world. From Kenya, Mongolia, Chile and Vietnam to every “western nation”. It’s not something British at all, its something human. The problem with the book is that it spreads myths about bdsm that are not true and inspiring people without giving them safety instructions. Play safe, people.

  4. Consent is also given as when you go to the dentist, play paintball or football. You can quit any time you would like and bdsm is a natural part of sexuality that can hurt, but where one avoids damaging.

  5. This is for the colorful woman with the green jacket and red hair: If you closed your mouth a bit more, your mind might open. ‘Women who aren’t getting it will love this book’. What a stupid, clueless person. Millions who read this book DO get it, but you obviously do not.

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