Before Fifty Shades: Characters We Now See as ‘Fiftyesque’

Speculation about who will be cast in the main roles of Christian and Ana is ongoing and according to the author herself, it will be awhile.

Perhaps you have already voted in some online polls or narrowed your choices down to your top 3 picks for each character. Or, can you only see one actor in each role?

And just because we are Fifty Shades of Neutral here at FStM, it doesn’t mean that we don’t have opinions on the topic off the record. We’ve surprised each other by bringing up new potential candidates in our discussions over the past few weeks, some of which come from actors/actresses you have pointed out to us. We love getting new names thrown into the mix, names that aren’t already on everyone’s radar. Case in point:

But before we hear who ultimately gets the part of Christian Grey, we thought it would be fun to take a look back at actors who we can now see had Fiftyesque qualities, even if they didn’t necessarily have a playroom to explore their kinky side in… ;)

One of the great things about the Fifty Shades fandom is that there is no age bracket defining who is reading the books, so we went way back in hopes of appealing to a broader range of FSofG fans!

1942: Humphrey Bogart as Rick Blaine in Casablanca

“Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, she trips walks into mine.”

Rick Blaine was the well-dressed, successful business owner who we knew felt like he lost everything the day he watched the woman he loved walk out of his life.

       1974: Robert Redford as Jay Gatsby in The Great Gatsby

Mr. Gatsby was enigmatic, known for his expensive parties and riches but shielded his secrets.

1986: Tom Cruise as Maverick in Top Gun

He was cocky, handsome, and played to win. He wanted the one woman he wasn’t supposed to have. He didn’t have a playroom, but he did have a Danger Zone, and we wanted to be in it with him.

1986 (great year!): Mickey Rourke as John in Nine 1/2 Weeks 

Rich businessman. Dangerous seducer. Loved the control. Wanted to play games. Blindfolds. Need we say more?

1990: Richard Gere as Edward in Pretty Woman

Prematurely grey. Handsome. Started out as a no-nonsense, cut-throat executive. People always did as he said. But we knew he was tormented by his past, a hurt he tried to work through as he played the piano. Very Fiftyesque.

1992: Antonio Sabato, Jr. as Jagger Cates on GH

Perceived bad boy on a motorcycle, but the quiet, strong, tortured Jagger on General Hospital was a fan favorite. He rescued the girl he loved.

1994: George Clooney as Dr. Ross on ER

Now he was Fiftyesque: Confident, charming, charismatic, handsome, brooding with an insatiable sexual appetite and a penchant for breaking the rules. Despite this, in the end he was the beast that was tamed by the love and forgiveness of Nurse Hathaway.

1995: Brad Pitt as Tristan Ludlow in Legends of the Fall

A son and brother, fiercely protective of his family, tortured when he couldn’t keep them all safe. It took the love and patience of a woman willing to look deep into his soul before “he came into the quiet part of his life.”

2001: Ben Affleck as Capt. Rafe McCawley in Pearl Harbor

Yes, Captain! The old-fashioned love story in the first half of Pearl Harbor completely swept us off our feet and so did the mature, responsible, respectable character!

2003: Ed Burns as Jake Vig in Confidence

Smooth talking, tall, and convincing–perfect combination for everything he tried to get away with in his ‘profession.’

2003-2010: Julian McMahon as Dr. Christian Troy in Nip/Tuck

Sex addict.

He craved constant pleasure. Sexually adventurous to the point it almost always got him into trouble, but his forceful pushing…of the envelope, that is…was half the fun of watching that show!

Note: We wonder if the show’s creator Ryan Murphy (Glee, American Horror Story) ever considered giving Dr. Troy a playroom.

2005-2012: Shemar Moore as Derek Morgan in Criminal Minds

Protective, intelligent, and keeps a cool head. Fit to Fight. A history of losing his father and sexual abuse as a child altered his life but also drove him to succeed. Sexy takin’ down the bad guys!


We know we left so many others off of this post, but that’s where you come in! Take the opportunity to tell us in the comments what other characters you’ve loved over the years that resonate with our beloved Fifty.

Is there a movie or tv character you truly loved in the past that reading FSoG rekindled your love for? Have you rewatched the movie or show recently with new Fiftyesque eyes?

Remember, it’s not just the actor, but the traits of a character he played!

Note: Current fan favorites, such as Ian Somerhalder, Henry Cavill, Matt Bomer, Alexander Skarsgard, Alex Pettyfer, etc., were omitted for the purpose of this post. We agree that they all have their own Fiftyesque qualities :)

42 thoughts on “Before Fifty Shades: Characters We Now See as ‘Fiftyesque’

    • Yes, he would be my 2nd choice after rob. But like rob, i dont think he would do it. People has been after him to play jericho barrons in the fever series. And he has teased us about it. But thats highly unlikely to happen.

    • But he is a model, isn’t it? I don’t know if he would be a good actor…
      It is true that he has the perfect physique, and I imagine Christian just like him.

      • David Gandy can act. It would b awesome seeing an unknown (to the big screen) play the part. When ideas the books I can’t picture anyone but Mr. Gandy . He is too perfect. Check out David Gandy on YouTube.

  1. Ok..why hasn’t anyone suggested Mr. Paul Wesley for Christian? Talk about having Fiftyesque qualities!! Since reading the books, I can’t stop watching The Vampire Diaries, Season 1. Stephan Salvatore is so poised, mysterious, passionate and has a body that won’t quit. Not to mention the perfect deep groan. Proving that Paul Wesley has what it takes to be Fifty. He’s definitely “my Fifty” in the books!

  2. His name has been thrown around a lot – but until I’m shown someone else that fires me up just as much, I will forever be a Matt-Bomer-for-Fifty girl ;)
    That man makes me melt … gay or not. MELT.

  3. Ok i have been swayed to change my mind from Chris Hemsworth to Ryan Gosling, Look him up shirtless, a pic comes up with him in light blue pants and OMG be still my beating heart.

  4. TOM HARDY ALL THE WAY !! He has
    Every quality to play our Mr Grey brooding good lucks,dangerous edge amazing body and to top all that off he’s a outstanding actor x

  5. I have read all the books and have loved them, even whilst reading them I was trying to imagine exactly what he looks like.
    I can assure you i have thought very long and very hard about Mr Grey. His eyes, his back, that sculpted torso and of course I have dreamed about the the body part he is most attached to!

    I have heard people say they would like certain actors to play him in the films. The worst by far iv heard is zac effron! Pls god no! Although Christian Bale is obviously utterly gorgeous, I’m sorry he’s just not the Mr Grey I imagined.

    Then I remembered …. he exists! There’s no need to go searching for unknown actors …. there’s no need to wish that certain actors were younger! You have just forgotten there is already a man that has a body carved by the GODS! There is already an amazing actor who when he’s on screen you want to drown in his eyes. I am also not ashamed to admit that I would easily settle for being the submissive stalker, being Anatasia would be a dream, If only to see him only once in them jeans with that button open.

    Yes I admit I am a self confessed perv lol
    I am on my hands and knees praying that they realise Channing Tatum was made to be Mr Christian Grey !!!! If anyone woman could possibly say no to that man …. well you are a far stronger woman than me

    This is really the first time i have commented on the internet. I apologize for rattling on but for lack of a better word phwoar

    • Channing was indeed asked about playing the role while on the red carpet at the Magic Mike premiere! He seemed …informed of the role and what it entails. ;) Thank you for your comment!

  6. You need a Brit – someone with edge most of the young actors you mentioned are too ‘wholesome’ – totally unbeliveable in a role like this. Shame he isn’t older, Tim Roth would understand the mentality needed for this and would be perfect. Seen Tom Hardy’s Heathcliff – he turned him into a monster and maybe that’s how he saw him but his Christian would just be a bully which totally misses the point. As for an American – Robert Downey Jnr – he would definitely ‘get’ it.
    It’s a shame the author didn’t do a bit more research on the subject and get someone to edit the thing. BDSM is a huge topic with so many different facets.
    I think I am about to stop reading on about my 100th ‘oh my’ and my inner goodess is bloody fed up with her biting her lip – someone needs to give her a slap and tell Christian he’s wasting his time -and to run as fast as he can. Ana is a do gooder who just wants to change him to a boring run of the mill vanilla ‘I Lurve you Hun’ hubby. She’ll be calling him Chrissy in the next book.
    WAKE UP CHRISTIAN AND SMELL THE COFFEE (I bet ELJ used that one too).

  7. Alex Pettyfer as Christian & Alexis Bledel as Ana. Alex innocenthas an intense yet boyish look about him. Alexis has a sweet & innocent look.

  8. Channing Tatum and his wife Jenna would be the perfect couple to play Anastasia and Christian!!! Let’s keep them in the running! HOT!!!

  9. I will not watch this movie if that vampire diaries guy is chosen as mr.grey. He is not fifty. maybe for a teen girl who watches that genre. Im in my early twenties and he does not strike me as him at all. I just cant see it in him. I can see it in gosling however his voice isnt really as sexy as the book describes. Mr. gosling’s voice is a little shakey. Mr. greys voice is smooth and sexy.. I hope this helps. I just dont want to be dissatisfied… maybe ryan phillipee should take on the roll, he looks very young for his age but can still play a 27 yr old. I can really see him as mr. grey I can also feel some empathy towards the role of man wounded by a terrible early childhood. Idk something to think about. Im latina but I love the white boys hehe anywho as for ana I hope shes not to young. Im hoping for a white pretty pale fresh face with dark semi long hair and pouty lips I hv ana actress in mind but i dnt knw her name off hand. Skinny but not too skinny. Innocently seductive features please..

  10. Agree wid Donna, it has to be David Gandy! He looks so much like Christian Grey. He is venturing into acting as well. This guy isn’t just looks, he has a great personality n a very sexy voice. He’ll make an awesome Christian Grey. Definitely David GandAgree wid Donna, it has to be David Gandy! He looks so much like ChristAgree wid Donna, it has to be David Gandy! He looks so much like Christian Grey. He is venturing into acting as well. This guy isn’t just looks, he has a great personality n a very sexy voice. He’ll make an awesome Christian Grey. Definitely David GandAgree wid Donna, it has to be David Gandy! He looks so much like Christian Gr

  11. Although Shemar is absolutely gorgeous, he would not be a good Christian Grey. I feel that the actor needs to resemble the character described in the book- his looks are important to the story, especially the eyes; his gray eyes to her blue eyes…
    I read on an other website that Kristin Stewart was being considered to play the role of Ana. HELL NO!!! Stewart is a terrible actress and would completely ruin it-just saying…

  12. Matt Bomer all the way! He’s just how I imagined Christian to be like. He’s a guy that ( I think ) every woman will find very attractive! Those eyes .. they just scream Christian Grey!

  13. Channing Tatum would be my ultimate Christian Grey. (I even dreamt he was him and it fitted perfectly!) Why Channing? In his recent movie, Magic Mike, his sex side is shown. He is capable of capturing a womens sexual desire. However, in films like Dear John and The Vow, his more caring side is shown. He hates the fact Suvannah is later married to Tom (protection). Then in The Vow, he shows his shear determination with his wife when she loses her memory. He is gorgeous, as Christian Grey is described (despite hair and eye colour), all he needs is to grow his hair. He would certainly bring in the majority of women viewers.

  14. I have an suggestion on who I might want to play as Christian grey. Damon Salvator. He has the hair, facial structure, and eyes that matches the description in the book. As for Anna Steele I would say Emma Watson she’a young,beautiful,pale, and I also think she matches the part. Just a thought and suggestion hoped to be considered.

    • Channing tatum is hot but I don’t think he should be Christian Grey. Not into it. I feel that the movie would be ruined and I’d be dissappointed if he was chosen for if.

    And honestly if I had to say anyone as Grey it would be John Stamos

    • We all know Stamos has the business side, the sweet loving & Im sure seductive but by all means does he have the hair

    • John stamos is too old and so is bradley cooper…channing tatum is delicious but I don’t think he is a good enough actor..I think matt bomer or ian somerhalder would both be good for christan and either alexis bledhill or amanda seyfried with dark hair for ana

      • Nooo who wants someone that no one knows of. Matt boomer doesn’t look as if he cld be serious enough. *&* ian whoever is UGLy & nothing the book describes of christian

      • What! what you just said have you realised it seems that you dont have good choices for mens Ian somerhalder is the most sexyest , smartest , hamdsomest and kindest men in the all world! So shut up and just stop sayng stupid things!

  16. Say your fab crhistian not the others you dont like because Maybe ( if you realice that you have brain) you could hurt someone with your coments!

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