What’s in a Name?

There will be many upcoming interviews with Ms. James. In addition to GOOD MORNING AMERICA and ABC 20/20, the TODAY show is also advertising an upcoming interview. There is so much to ask the author regarding the books, both about the story and their success, as well as her hopes for the movie. We are looking forward to all of it!

About a year ago, I had the opportunity to ask Ms. James a question about her story, and I wanted to share her answers with you here.

As has already been said (to near exhaustion), the story began as a Twilight fanfiction, so when Ms. James decided to publish the story, she had to assign new names to her characters. The nickname of ‘Fifty’ was already well established, but I was curious about what inspired her choices of ‘Christian’ and ‘Ana.’

Ms. James graced me with this response:

“Christian is the name of the character from the first novel I wrote after I read the Twilight series. I just love the name. I did my dissertation at university on the fall of the Tsar in Russia – and since then have always loved the name Anastasia… “


Ms. James’ explanation of ‘Anastasia’ didn’t surprise me in the least. From the first time I heard the name, I had immediately thought of the famous story of the Russian family. Okay, and maybe Disney’s spin on it.

I love how strong the name Christian is for Fifty, and yet I admit that I easily likened Fifty to Dr. Christian Troy from the FX show “Nip/Tuck” because much like Fifty, he was quite confident in his sexual escapades! That show was as addictive as reading “Fifty Shades of Grey” wasn’t it? There was definitely a lot of anticipation of what antics would be tried next. Dr. Troy is probably kicking himself for not having a Red Room of Pain ;)

Do you like the names Christian and Ana?


5 thoughts on “What’s in a Name?

  1. I have to admit the first time I heard the name Christian I immediately thought of Dr. Christian Troy… he was such a dirty boy ;) and he is no doubt kicking himself for not having a RRoP.

    I was iffy on the name Ana, like anything ‘new’ it takes time to adjust. But over the course of time, from learning the names to now, I have grown to love them!

  2. Oh thats a good call and i miss dr. Troy. Lol he is very much a 50 type. As for the name ana, i just thought it rolled off the tongue easy. Syllable wise it works. I like the names. I thought that it would bug me to no end. But what did bother me was the name change of echo charlie. Lol i guess i was not expecting it and thats why it bugged me.

    • I was probably the most upset about the name Echo Charlie changing…. I was like “What!?! NOOOOOO! Not Echo Charlie!”

      • Yea, Echo Charlie was an adjustment. Elliot – a little more because the MotU “Memmet” moment was a tear jerker.

  3. I would LOVE to see Dr. Christian Troy play this role in the movie! He is exactly who I think of while reading this book and I found this post googling the possibility of him playing this character!

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