Best Mid-Life Crisis Ever!

In a recent interview conducted by William Skidelsky of “The Observer” for The Guardian‘s ‘Meet the Author’ series, Ms. James referred to the 18 months it took her to write FSoG as her mid-life crisis…her alternative to buying a sports car.

Perhaps this part of the interview is a clue as to how Ms. James wants to see the sex scenes portrayed on the big screen:

People have talked a lot about the sex, but it isn’t actually that graphic, is it?
No. I don’t use very coarse language because I don’t find that attractive – it doesn’t turn me on. I think this is an element that makes it more comfortable for women to read.
Will Ms. James and the yet-to-be-named director strive to make sure the sex scenes are comfortable for women to watch?
To read the entire interview, click here.
With her book and movie deals intact, we hope Ms. James reconsiders going out and getting a flashy sports car for herself! And may we suggest it be the color red with a license plate that reads 50 Shades?

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